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[Other] Calling all Gajeel-Head Fans

2016.04.30 00:26 TeamAcno [Other] Calling all Gajeel-Head Fans

To get in the spirit of what goes on inside Gajeel's head, I've decided to round up all the Metalheads on the sub. There are a few references to rock/metal music in Fairy Tail. We have Mira, Gajeel, and Vidaldus.
This is just supposed to be a fun way for users to share their views on music, and also broaden their views. Learn some new bands, make some friends, and most importantly \m/ (0.0) \m/.
  1. No genre bashing. I don't wanna see any of the typical metalhead arguments.
  2. Respect peoples opinions.
  3. Swearing is tolerated as long as it's not directed at another user.
  4. Rock on.
So let's get to it!
What are your favorite metal bands?
  1. Parkway Drive
  2. Babymetal
  3. Bring Me the Horizon
  4. Killswitch Engage
  5. All That Remains
Just for good measure, here's a picture of hardcore Juvia.
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2016.01.04 05:32 QuadnaryCode Weakest character that can defeat Crocodile (One Piece) without water? Or any liquid based attacks?

Respect Sir Crocodile
Whats the weakest character that can defeat One Piece's Sir Crocodile, without using any liquid based attacks, or water? Use Pre Timeskip Crocodile.
Your character cannot BFR
Round 1: Little Garden island, the two giant skulls are sea kings, really really big sea monsters.
Round 2: This City, Crocodile starts on the beach. No trains during the duration of the battle.
Round 3: The Sahara Desert
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2015.07.12 00:53 DulcetFox Pokemon style battle between recent respect threads

The battle takes place in the final Orange Island battle between General of the Gotei 13, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni! (Bleach) as the challenger leading team Fire Power vs. Gym Leader Rocky Balboa leading team Melee. Challenger can change out pokemon at any time (gym leader cannot), and field undergoes a change to the sand field after one trainer looses 3 pokemon. Both trainers have access to their teams respect threads and a week of time before the battle to study them and prepare.
Team Fire Power:
Team Melee:
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