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Narcissistic Abuse

2013.10.14 00:27 DrLamLam Narcissistic Abuse

This is a place for targets of a narcissistic abuse to come together to support, encourage, learn from, share with, and validate one another. It is NOT a replacement for therapy or counseling. We support abusive relationships from romantic, work, roommates and friends. No family dynamics or posts about family members or posts about other people being abused please. They are not permitted.

2020.10.21 22:54 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 1-0 Olympique de Marseille [UEFA Champions League, Round 1]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 1-0 Olympique de Marseille

Olympiakos Piraeus Score Olympique de Marseille
Koka 90'+1' [1]-0
Date: 21/10/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: UEFA Champions League (Round 1)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: D. Orsato


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes Olympique de Marseille Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: André Villas-Boas
1 José Sá 30 S. Mandanda
13 Rafinha 2 H. Sakai
25 J. Holebas 3 Álvaro González
3 Rúben Semedo 18 J. Amavi
24 O. Ba 15 D. Ćaleta-Car
28 M. Valbuena A 90'+1' 10 D. Payet SUB 76'
6 Y. M'Vila 8 M. Sanson SUB 76'
5 A. Bouchalakis 21 V. Rongier
19 G. Masouras SUB 84' 22 P. Gueye SUB 85'
97 L. Ranđelović SUB 78' 9 D. Benedetto SUB 77'
11 Y. El-Arabi 26 F. Thauvin SUB 82'


Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis (SUB 78'), Koka (SUB 84'; G 90'+1'; YC 90'+5'), M. Dräger, Pêpê Rodrigues, I. Karargyris, M. Vrousai, E. Soudani, K. Tzolakis, V. Sourlis, A. Papadopoulos, P. Cissé, Rúben Vinagre
Olympique de Marseille: N. Radonjić (SUB 76'), M. Cuisance (SUB 76'), Luis Henrique (SUB 77'), V. Germain (SUB 82'), K. Strootman (SUB 85'), M. Aké, L. Balerdi, S. Ngapandouetnbu, Y. Nagatomo, L. Perrin, Y. Pelé


76': Substitution for Olympique de Marseille: N. Radonjić in, D. Payet out.
76': Substitution for Olympique de Marseille: M. Cuisance in, M. Sanson out.
77': Substitution for Olympique de Marseille: Luis Henrique in, D. Benedetto out.
78': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis in, L. Ranđelović out.
82': Substitution for Olympique de Marseille: V. Germain in, F. Thauvin out.
84': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, G. Masouras out.
85': Substitution for Olympique de Marseille: K. Strootman in, P. Gueye out.
90'+1': Goal! Koka scores [M. Valbuena assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 Olympique de Marseille .
90'+5': Yellow card shown to Koka ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
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2020.10.17 21:22 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 4-0 Atromitos [Super League 1, Round 5]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 4-0 Atromitos

Olympiakos Piraeus Score Atromitos
Y. El-Arabi 51' [1]-0
Koka 65' [2]-0
Y. El-Arabi 82' [3]-0
Y. El-Arabi 87' [4]-0
Date: 17/10/2020 — 19:30 CEST, 13:30 EDT, 18:30 BST, 23:00 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 5)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: A. Koutsiaftis


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes Atromitos Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: D. Canadi
1 José Sá 22 A. Gianniotis
13 Rafinha 12 Rodrigo Galo
25 J. Holebas YC 25' 19 K. Kivrakidis SUB 69'
3 Rúben Semedo YC 77' 4 D. Goutas
24 O. Ba YC 45'+1' 44 S. Risvanis
28 M. Valbuena SUB 70' 21 P. Salomon SUB 69'
6 Y. M'Vila 14 Juan Muñiz SUB 35'
7 K. Fortounis A 51'; SUB 69' 6 C. Charisis SUB 61'
19 G. Masouras SUB 40' 16 S. Natsos
4 M. Camara 23 K. Kotsopoulos SUB 61'
9 Koka G 65'; SUB 76' 99 B. Matić RC 31'


Olympiakos Piraeus: Y. El-Arabi (SUB 40'; G 51'; G 82'; G 87'), L. Ranđelović (SUB 69'), M. Lovera (SUB 70'; A 82'; A 87'), E. Soudani (SUB 76'), A. Bouchalakis (SUB 76'), A. Papadopoulos, P. Cissé, K. Tzolakis, Bruno Souza
Atromitos: A. Bušuladžić (SUB 35'), C. N'Sikulu, L. Christodoulopoulos (SUB 61'), Lucas Galvão (SUB 69'), J. Umbides (SUB 69'), A. Agayev, B. Rabello, S. Stroungis, C. Mandas


25': Yellow card shown to J. Holebas ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
31': Red card shown to B. Matić ( Atromitos).
35': Substitution for Atromitos: A. Bušuladžić in, Juan Muñiz out.
40': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Y. El-Arabi in, G. Masouras out.
45'+1': Yellow card shown to O. Ba ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
51': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [K. Fortounis assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 Atromitos .
61': Substitution for Atromitos: C. NSikulu in, K. Kotsopoulos out.
61': Substitution for Atromitos: L. Christodoulopoulos in, C. Charisis out.
65': Goal! Koka scores [Y. MVila assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [2]-0 Atromitos .
69': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović in, K. Fortounis out.
69': Substitution for Atromitos: Lucas Galvão in, P. Salomon out.
69': Substitution for Atromitos: J. Umbides in, K. Kivrakidis out.
70': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: M. Lovera in, M. Valbuena out.
76': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: E. Soudani in, Koka out.
76': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: A. Bouchalakis in, Y. MVila out.
77': Yellow card shown to Rúben Semedo ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
82': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [M. Lovera assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [3]-0 Atromitos .
87': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [M. Lovera assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [4]-0 Atromitos .
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2020.10.13 22:06 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Morocco 1-1 Congo DR [Friendlies]

FT: Morocco 1-1 Congo DR

Morocco Score Congo DR
N. Mazraoui 45' [1]-0
1-[1] Y. Wissa 60'
Date: 13/10/2020 — 20:00 CEST, 14:00 EDT, 19:00 BST, 23:30 IST
Competition: Friendlies
Venue: Stade Prince Moulay Abdallah (Rabat)
Referee: A. Sandigui


Morocco Notes Congo DR Notes
Manager: V. Halilhodžić Manager: K. Mihayo
12 M. Mohamedi 23 J. Kiassumbua
5 Y. Abdelhamid 3 F. N'Sakala
23 S. Mmaee 5 M. Tisserand
7 N. Mazraoui G 45'; SUB 57' 2 D. Issama
2 A. Hakimi SUB 72' 7 J. Botaka A 60'
3 H. Mendyl YC 90'+1' 21 Y. Bangala
13 O. El Kaddouri SUB 63' 15 C. Luyindama YC 89'
20 S. Amrabat SUB 82' 18 S. Moutoussamy
15 S. Amallah SUB 46' 6 F. Ngoma SUB 45'+3'
16 A. Barkok 14 Y. Wissa G 60'
9 Y. El-Arabi A 45'; SUB 63' 12 K. Kasengu SUB 46'


Morocco: Y. En-Nesyri (SUB 46'), I. Chebake (SUB 57'), A. Bencharki (SUB 63'), O. Tannane (SUB 63'), M. Rharsalla (SUB 72'), N. Boujellab (SUB 82'), Y. Bounou, R. Saïss, A. Lazaar, D. Saddiki
Congo DR: E. Kayembe (SUB 45'+3'), N. Kebano (SUB 46'), J. Lukoki, T. Fayulu, N. De Pauw, G. Kalulu, B. Malango, A. Mossi, B. Ungenda, J. Nkololo, J. Ifasso


45': Goal! N. Mazraoui scores [Y. El-Arabi assist] — Morocco [1]-0 Congo DR .
45'+3': Substitution for Congo DR: E. Kayembe in, F. Ngoma out.
46': Substitution for Morocco: Y. En-Nesyri in, S. Amallah out.
46': Substitution for Congo DR: N. Kebano in, K. Kasengu out.
57': Substitution for Morocco: I. Chebake in, N. Mazraoui out.
60': Goal! Y. Wissa scores [J. Botaka assist] — Morocco 1-[1] Congo DR .
63': Substitution for Morocco: A. Bencharki in, Y. El-Arabi out.
63': Substitution for Morocco: O. Tannane in, O. El Kaddouri out.
72': Substitution for Morocco: M. Rharsalla in, A. Hakimi out.
82': Substitution for Morocco: N. Boujellab in, S. Amrabat out.
89': Yellow card shown to C. Luyindama ( Congo DR).
90'+1': Yellow card shown to H. Mendyl ( Morocco).
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2020.10.12 17:27 Arvorezinho Abolition de la peine de mort en France

Note : Après des vacances dans le Sud Ouest, je recommence à publier en changeant radicalement de thème. Fini l'astronomie et place à l'Histoire. Aujourd'hui, je vous propose un article sur l'abolition de la peine de mort en France, de 1789 à 1981.
Peine de mort / Abolition / Guillotine / Révolution Française / Victor Hugo / Seconde République / 1848 / Maurice Barrès / Jean Jaurès / François Mitterand / Robert Badinter
Le 10 octobre 1789, un député de l'Assemblée Nationale constituante prononce le discours préliminaire de son projet de réforme du droit pénal devant les autres membres. L’article premier de ce projet précise que « les délits du même genre seront punis par les mêmes genres de peines. Quels que soient le rang et l'état du coupable. ». Ce député, médecin de profession, plaide également pour que la décapitation devienne le seul supplice adopté pour la peine de mort, et qu’un appareil mécanique remplace la main du bourreau. L'orateur s'appelle Joseph Ignace Guillotin et on donnera son nom à l'appareil qui répondra à ses attentes : la guillotine.
Deux idées importantes sont sous-jacentes à son argumentation. La première est que si une peine de mort est décidée, alors le supplice le moins douloureux est la décapitation. Et c’est en effet le supplice qui était utilisé pour les personnes qui ont le rang le plus élevé dans la société de l’époque : les nobles. La seconde, qui se situe dans la vague d’égalité qui emporte la France de 1789, est qu’il faut que tous les citoyens subissent le même supplice en cas de peine capitale, ce qui n’est pas le cas à l’époque ; le supplice dépendait du statut et de la faute. Nous avons parlé des nobles qui étaient décapités au sabre. Les roturiers étaient décapités aussi, mais à la hache. Quant aux autres criminels, ils mourraient dans d'atroces souffrances avec l'écartèlement, le bûcher, la roue, la pendaison ou même le chaudron.
L’idée d’un mode d'exécution instantanée et sans souffrance est donc bien accueilli par l’Assemblée Nationale. En 1791, le nouveau code pénal prévoit donc que tout condamné à mort aura la tête tranchée, et que la condamnation à mort ne consistera qu'en une simple privation de vie, sans torture d'aucune sorte. Ajoutons également que le nombre de crimes passibles de peine de mort diminue de 115 à 32, donc si nous sommes encore loin de l'abolition, la peine de mort sera dans les faits largement réduite.
La guillotine sert à exécuter un condamné pour la première fois le 25 avril 1792, après plusieurs mois de tests sur des ballots de pailles, moutons ou cadavres humains. Elle sera ensuite utilisée pendant la Révolution Française, et durant les deux siècles qui suivront, jusqu'en 1977, date de sa dernière utilisation en France. Durant ces deux siècles, de nombreuses voix viendront demander l'abolition, dont certaines très célèbres.
Deux entre elles se feront entendre dès l'invention de la guillotine. Nicolas de Condorcet est alors un fervent opposant à la peine de mort, et pour cette raison vote contre la décapitation de Louis XVI. Loin de demander sa grâce cela dit, il demande qu’il soit envoyé en galère à vie. De son côté, Maximilien Robespierre en 1791 déclare que "la peine de mort multiplie les crimes plus qu'elle ne les prévient" dans le cadre d'un projet de loi visant à l'abolir. Cependant la mesure ne passe pas : la Révolution Française et le XVIIIème siècle abolissent la torture, non la peine de mort.
Nous avons tous entendu parler de la Révolution Française de 1789, mais un peu moins des suivantes. La Révolution instaura la première république en France, puis s'en est suivi une période d'alternance entre république, empire et monarchie. En 1830, une autre révolution remplacera la Monarchie restaurée de Charles X par une nouvelle Monarchie. Louis Philippe gouverne alors la France en tant que Roi des français. Ses prédécesseurs étaient Rois de France, le changement de formule témoigne d’un changement de rapport entre le roi et son peuple. Cette monarchie dure 18 ans et tombe sous le coup d'une autre révolution, celle de 1848.
Que me font ces vallons, ces palais, ces chaumières,
Vains objets dont pour moi le charme est envolé ?
Fleuves, rochers, forêts, solitudes si chères,
Un seul être vous manque, et tout est dépeuplé !
Si vous connaissez ces vers, tirés du poème "L'Isolement", vous connaissez peut-être son auteur : Alphonse de Lamartine. En plus d'être un poète célèbre, il fut l'une des figure de la Révolution de 1848 : c'est lui qui déclara la Seconde République. Pour avoir une république, la révolution mènera à la formation d'une assemblée constituante chargée de construire une Constitution. Lors des séances de cette Assemblée Constituante les questions essentielles d'organisation de la société, et notamment la peine de mort, reviennent dans les débats. Un autre poète, peut-être le plus connu de nos poètes français, vient y faire un vibrant plaidoyer pour son abolition : Victor Hugo. Je vous mets le discours ici, il n'est pas long.
Je regrette que cette question, la première de toutes peut-être, arrive au milieu de vos délibérations presque à l'improviste, et surprenne les orateurs non préparés.
Quant à moi, je dirai peu de mots, mais ils partiront du sentiment d'une conviction profonde et ancienne.
Vous venez de consacrer l'inviolabilité du domicile, nous vous demandons de consacrer une inviolabilité plus haute et plus sainte encore, l'inviolabilité de la vie humaine.
Messieurs, une constitution, et surtout une constitution faite par la France et pour la France, est nécessairement un pas dans la civilisation. Si elle n'est point un pas dans la civilisation, elle n'est rien.
Eh bien, songez-y, qu'est-ce que la peine de mort ? La peine de mort est le signe spécial et éternel de la barbarie. Partout où la peine de mort est prodiguée, la barbarie domine ; partout où la peine de mort est rare, la civilisation règne.
Messieurs, ce sont là des faits incontestables. L'adoucissement de la pénalité est un grand et sérieux progrès. Le dix-huitième siècle, c'est là une partie de sa gloire, a aboli la torture ; le dix-neuvième siècle abolira la peine de mort.
Vous ne l'abolirez pas peut-être aujourd'hui ; mais, n'en doutez pas, demain vous l'abolirez, ou vos successeurs l'aboliront.
Vous écrivez en tête du préambule de votre constitution « En présence de Dieu », et vous commenceriez par lui dérober, à ce Dieu, ce droit qui n'appartient qu'à lui, le droit de vie et de mort.
Messieurs, il y a trois choses qui sont à Dieu et qui n'appartiennent pas à l'homme l'irrévocable, l'irréparable, l'indissoluble. Malheur à l'homme s'il les introduit dans ses lois ! Tôt ou tard elles font plier la société sous leur poids, elles dérangent l'équilibre nécessaire des lois et des mœurs, elles ôtent à la justice humaine ses proportions ; et alors il arrive ceci, réfléchissez-y, messieurs, que la loi épouvante la conscience.
Je suis monté à cette tribune pour vous dire un seul mot, un mot décisif, selon moi ; ce mot, le voici.
Après février, le peuple eut une grande pensée, le lendemain du jour où il avait brûlé le trône, il voulut brûler l'échafaud.
Ceux qui agissaient sur son esprit alors ne furent pas, je le regrette profondément, à la hauteur de son grand cœur. On l'empêcha d'exécuter cette idée sublime.
Eh bien, dans le premier article de la constitution que vous votez, vous venez de consacrer la première pensée du peuple, vous avez renversé le trône. Maintenant consacrez l'autre, renversez l'échafaud.
Je vote l'abolition pure, simple et définitive de la peine de mort.
Victor Hugo ne parviendra pas à convaincre, et se trompera dans sa prévision : la peine de mort ne sera pas abolie à l'occasion de cette constitution, ni durant le XIXème siècle. Cependant son discours restera dans les mémoires et ressurgira à plusieurs reprises dans la longue lutte du camp opposé à la peine de mort. Ce qui est intéressant et que nous pouvons noter dès maintenant, c'est l'appel à la religion et comment Hugo essaie de démontrer que la peine de mort est incompatible avec ce que prescrit la religion chrétienne.
Le sujet de l'abolition sera de nouveau enterré et la Seconde République tombera en 1852, quatre ans après son commencement, lors du coup d’Etat de Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, qui deviendra Napoléon III.
La peine de mort fera l'objet d'une lutte continue de la part de ses adversaires, mais le sujet revient sur le devant de la scène à partir de 1906. Le Président de la République fraichement élu, Armand Fallières, est ouvertement opposé à la peine de mort et gracie systématiquement les condamnés, contre l'opinion publique qui y est pourtant favorable. Cette pratique suscita de vives protestations et certains députés décidèrent de présenter un projet d'abolition en bonne et due forme en 1908. S'en suivra un débat, peut-être le plus connu en France sur cette question, entre deux députés : Maurice Barrès et Jean Jaurès.
Maurice Barrès représente la droite républicaine et nationaliste. Né dans les Vosges en 1862, il a 48 ans en 1906, année à laquelle il entre en même temps à l'Académie Française et à l'Assemblée Nationale comme député de Paris. Il est partisan de la peine de mort. Son adversaire, Jean Jaurès, est l’une des plus grandes figures de la gauche française historique. Il a trois ans de plus que Barrès et vient du Tarn. Il est opposé à la peine de mort, et donc favorable à son abolition.
Maurice Barrès prend la parole d’abord et insiste sur le fait que certaines personnes sont impossibles à rattraper, qu'elles sont trop fortement "dégénérées", "entravées de tares ignobles" pour être remises dans le droit chemin. Dans ce cas, il faut les exécuter : ils sont sortis de l'humanité, alors il faut les sortir de la société humaine par la peine capitale. Le nom de Victor Hugo ressort. Barrès reconnaît par ailleurs que ceux qui commettent des crimes odieux sont créés en partie par la société et ne sont pas seuls complètement responsables de leurs actes, et qu'il faut alors empêcher les conditions qui créent ces criminels. Mais cela n'empêche pas que pour ceux déjà de l'autre côté de la barrière de l'humanité et qui l'ont concrétisé par des actes, il faut la peine de mort.
Barrès déclare également que ce sont les pauvres, le peuple des faubourgs, qui subissent le plus les crimes passibles de peine de mort. Et que décapiter les criminels, c'est aussi protéger le peuple. D'abord parce qu'un criminel qui meurt ne peut pas récidiver. Ensuite parce que, selon Barrès, la peine de mort fait peur et dissuade les criminels en puissance de passer à l'acte. Ces deux arguments sont très courants parmi les partisants de la peine de mort. Et si personne ne contestera qu'en effet un mort ne peut récidiver, la valeur dissuasive de la peine de mort sera largement contestée.
Jean Jaurès arrive à la tribune pour répondre à Maurice Barrès, et commence par résumer les deux arguments développés. D'abord que certaines personnes sont tellement "irrémédiablement perdus, à jamais incapables de tout effort de relèvement moral, qu'il n'y a plus qu'à les retrancher brutalement de la société des vivants". Concernant la dissuasion, il résume que, selon le camp adverse, "il y a au fond des sociétés humaines, quoiqu'on fasse, un tel vice irréductible de barbarie, de passions si perverses, si brutales, si réfractaires à tout essai de médication sociale, à toute institution préventive, à toute répression vigoureuse mais humaine, qu'il n'y a plus d'autre ressource, qu'il n'y a plus d'autre espoir d'en empêcher l'explosion, que de créer en permanence l'épouvante de la mort et de maintenir la guillotine."
Une fois rappelés et reformulés les deux arguments adverses, il réplique que selon lui, la peine de mort est contraire aux deux idéologies qui ont dominé la France depuis deux mille ans : elle est contraire à la fois à l'esprit du christianisme et la Révolution, qui sont, selon ses termes, "ce que l'humanité, depuis deux mille ans, a pensé de plus haut et a rêvé de plus noble.". Selon lui, le christianisme voit en tout homme, même dans l'homme le plus déchu, une possibilité “de rachat et de relèvement”. Il s'étonne alors que tous ces députés de droite, chrétiens pour la plupart, soient favorables à la peine de mort. D'autre part, selon Jaurès, l'inspiration première de la Révolution fut l'affirmation de confiance de la nature humaine en elle-même. "Les révolutionnaires ont dit à ce peuple, asservi et enchaîné depuis des siècles, qu'il pouvait être libre sans péril, et ils ont conçu l'adoucissement des peines comme le corollaire d'un régime nouveau de liberté fraternelle ". A ce titre, on ne peut pas demander aux républicains, issus de l'esprit révolutionnaire, de se prononcer en faveur de la peine de mort. L'exercice d'invoquer les figures de la Révolution, notamment Robespierre, pour lutter contre la peine de mort est délicat, et Jaurès subira les attaques des bancs de la droite.
Ensuite, il s'attaque à l'argument de la dissuasion. Selon lui, elle ne fonctionne pas : certains commettent des crimes par impulsion subite, et ces esprits ne réfléchissent pas à la peine qu'ils risquent avant d'agir. Pour les autres, qui méditent et préméditent, ils vont élaborer des plans, et se convaincre que le châtiment sera évité, donc il ne les dissuadera pas.
Jaurès évoque ensuite la situation des autres pays d'Europe : L'Italie et la Hollande ont aboli la peine de mort, les Belges ne l'applique plus depuis quarante ans, la Suisse fédérale l'a abolie et laisse aux cantons le choix de décider et les Anglais réduisent les crimes passibles de cette peine. Or, ces pays n'ont pas vu d'augmentation de la criminalité suite à l'abolition, donc la peine de mort n'est pas dissuasive.
Le discours de Jaurès marquera la Troisième République mais, comme Hugo, il ne suffira pas : l'abolition de la peine de mort sera rejetée à 330 voix contre 201. La guillotine continuera donc de fonctionner en France. Pour l'Histoire, Jean Jaurès sera assassiné pour avoir défendu la paix jusqu'au bout et tenté d'éviter la Première Guerre Mondiale par une grève généralisée, coordonnée entre les travailleurs de France et d’Allemagne. Son assassin ne sera pas condamné à mort, et même acquitté en 1919 dans un élan de ferveur nationaliste.
Pourtant Maurice Barrès viendra assister aux obsèques officielles de Jean Jaurès et reconnaîtra le talent de celui qui fut tant de fois son adversaire politique.
Maintenant que nous avons mis un pied dans le XXème siècle et avant d'y entrer pleinement, apportons quelques précisions. Pendant ce temps, nous laisserons l'horloge du temps tourner pour sauter les deux guerres mondiales, périodes où les condamnations à mort ont été nombreuses, et pour la plupart entrent dans le cas particulier d'une période de guerre : nous n'en parlerons pas ici.
La première précision est une distinction que nous connaissons peu en France car nous ne l'avons pas faite pour l'abolition de la peine de mort : celle entre les crimes de droit commun et les autres. Pour bien comprendre, les crimes qui ne sont pas de droit commun sont militaires ou politiques. Assassinez un homme pour le voler est un crime de droit commun, renseigner une armée ennemie en temps de guerre est un crime politique, refuser de se lancer dans une attaque contre l'ordre d'un supérieur est un crime militaire. Cette précision est importante car de nombreux pays aboliront d'abord la peine de mort pour les crimes de droit communs, bien avant d'abolir la peine de mort en général. Dans la suite, quand nous dirons qu’un pays a aboli la peine de mort, c’est qu’il l’a aboli pour les crimes de droit commun.
La seconde, nous l'avons un peu abordée au début, est qu'il est important de noter que, même si la peine de mort n'a été abolie que tard en France, le nombre de crimes passibles de peine de mort a largement diminué en 1789 et 1832, suite donc à deux révolutions. Avant 1789, l’avortement était passible de la peine de mort.
Ces précisions faites, et l’horloge ayant suffisamment tournée, arrêtons-nous en 1972 pour le procès de Roger Bontems et Claude Buffet. Les deux hommes se sont rencontrés en prison et construisent un plan d’évasion. Ils prennent en otage une infirmière et un gardien dans l’infirmerie de la prison. Lorsque les forces d’intervention arrivent dans la salle, les deux détenus sont capturés alors que les deux otages sont morts égorgés. Buffet sera reconnu comme le tueur et Bontems comme son complice, mais tous deux seront condamnés à mort. Lors de son procès, Bontems est défendu par un avocat fermement opposé à la peine de mort : Robert Badinter.
En 1977, Robert Badinter défend un autre criminel avec son confrère Robert Bocquillon. L’homme, Patrick Henry, est accusé de l’enlèvement et du meurtre d’un enfant de sept ans qu’il connaissait. Si Bocquillon défend directement le coupable, Robert Badinter s’attaque directement à la peine de mort. Son plaidoyer fonctionnera et Patrick Henry échappera à la peine de mort et aura la prison à perpétuité.
1977 est également la date de la dernière exécution d’un condamné à mort en France. Hamida Djanboudi, un tunisien condamné pour la torture et le meurtre d’une femme de 22 ans à Salon de Provence, près de Marseille, qui sera exécuté dans la prison des Baumettes. Il sera également le dernier condamné d’Europe à être exécuté à la guillotine.
Si l’on regarde les pays voisins de la France en 1981, la peine de mort n’a pas le vent en poupe. L’Espagne, la Hollande et le Luxembourg l’ont aboli en 1978, la Suisse en 1942, l’Allemagne et l’Italie en 1949 et le Royaume-Uni en 1973. Seule la Belgique l’a encore dans son code pénal, mais n’a exécuté personne depuis 1950.
Le 10 mai 1981, François Mitterrand est élu Président de la République, après avoir déclaré publiquement pendant sa campagne qu’il était contre la peine de mort. Il choisit comme ministre de la Justice Robert Badinter, l’avocat que nous avons rencontré plus tôt. L’opinion publique est encore majoritairement pour la peine de mort, mais Mitterrand tiendra sa parole et Badinter présentera en septembre de la même année son projet de loi devant l’assemblée.
Il commence son discours par rappeler les grand noms qui ont appelé à son abolition : Hugo, Camus, Clémenceau, Gambetta et Jaurès. Nous avons eu le temps d’écouter Hugo et Jaurès, pas les autres, mais il fallait faire des choix. En tout cas, Badinter se place dans une longue Histoire. De cette Histoire, il rappelle le rôle précurseur que la France a eu dans l’abolition de la torture et de l’esclavage. Mais pas la peine de mort, comme nous l’avons vu, la France est un des derniers pays de l’Europe Occidentale à l’avoir appliquée.
Mais la force et l’innovation de Badinter sera sa façon de décapiter l’argument de la dissuasion. Argument que nous avons déjà vu et qui ressort bien entendu lors de ce débat. D’abord, Badinter montre que la mort n’est pas une dissuasion, sinon la France n’aurait pas les soldats et les sportifs qu’elle possède, qui n’hésitent pas devant la mort. Les criminels, “emportés par leur passion, n’hésitent pas non plus”.
Nous avons parlé de Buffet et de son complice Bontems qu’il a défendu en 1972. Nous avons également dit qu’il fut l’avocat de Patrick Henry en 1977. Dans son discours, Robert Badinter raconte que dans la foule qui a crié “« A mort Buffet ! A mort Bontems ! » se trouvait un jeune homme qui s'appelait Patrick Henry. Croyez-moi, à ma stupéfaction, quand je l'ai appris, j'ai compris ce que pouvais signifier, ce jour-là, la valeur dissuasive de la peine de mort!”
Le discours de Robert Badinter est trop complet et bien ficelé pour être convenablement résumé. Notons cependant que contrairement à moi, il ne saute pas la période des guerres, ni celle de la décolonisation. Il affirme que “la guerre et l’abolition ne cheminent pas ensemble”. Ce qui selon lui explique le “retard” de la France pour l’abolition. Il demande également aux députés de n’accepter aucun amendement, car une abolition avec des exceptions, ce n’est plus une abolition.
La loi sera votée avec une large majorité : 363 voix pour et 117 contre. La France abolira à son tour la peine de mort le 30 septembre 1981. Bien que le projet de loi ait été initié par la Gauche, certaines voix de Droite se sont jointes au projet d’abolition, comme Jacques Chirac et Philippe Seguin.
Robert Badinter continue son combat dans les pays du monde qui ont toujours la peine de mort dans leur code pénal, et ils sont nombreux : Chine, Etats Unis, Japon, Arabie Saoudite et Vietnam pour ne citer qu’eux. Cependant, en 2019, la majorité des pays a aboli la peine de mort : 142 sur 193. En Europe, seule la Biélorussie la pratique toujours.
Nous avons suivi le combat pour l’abolition de la peine de mort en France de la Révolution Française jusqu’à son abolition en 1981. Nous avons comparé la situation de la France à chaque époque et, si celle-ci a été précurseur pour l’abolition de l’esclavage et de la torture, elle ne l’a pas été pour la peine de mort. Bien entendu, chaque pays a suivi son propre chemin sur le sujet, certains débouchant sur l’abolition, d’autres sur le maintien.
L’exemple que nous connaissons le mieux est celui des Etats-Unis, où la peine de mort est maintenue. En réalité, elle n’est appliquée que dans 28 des 50 États qui constituent le pays et chaque Etat peut décider indépendamment de l’abolir ou de la restituer.
Cet article se termine sur cette considération, j’espère qu’il vous a plu. Bien qu’étant pour ma part fermement opposé à la peine de mort, j’ai essayé de retranscrire l’histoire de l’abolition le plus objectivement possible, et j’espère que, même si vous n’êtes pas d’accord sur tout, la lecture de l’article a été fluide.
Après une parenthèse astronomique pendant l’été et son irrésistible ciel étoilé, j’ai opté pour un article sur l’histoire d’une loi. J’ai encore bien d’autres idées sur le même thème, restez donc à l’écoute.
Lien vers l'article :
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2020.10.10 18:55 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Al-Sadd 4-0 Al Arabi [QSL Cup]

FT: Al-Sadd 4-0 Al Arabi

Al-Sadd Score Al Arabi
Youssef Abdel Razaq Youssef 17' [1]-0
Nam Tae-Hee 53' [2]-0
Santi Cazorla 77' [3]-0
Rodrigo Barbosa Tabata 90'+1' [4]-0
Date: 10/10/2020 — 17:00 CEST, 11:00 EDT, 16:00 BST, 20:30 IST
Competition: QSL Cup
Venue: Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Stadium (ad-Dōha (Doha))
Referee: Abdulhadi Al Rowaily


Al-Sadd Notes Al Arabi Notes
Manager: Xavi Manager: H. Hallgrímsson
22 Meshaal Barsham 21 Mahmud Abunada
12 Rodrigo Barbosa Tabata G 90'+1' 5 Muniesa
19 Santi Cazorla YC 35'; G 77' 23 Fahad Al-Abdulrahman SUB 60'
9 Nam Tae-Hee G 53' 12 Khalaf Saad SUB 84'
13 Guilherme YC 28' 19 Ibrahim Nasser Kala
5 Jung Woo-Young 15 Jassem Abdulsallam
4 Ahmed Sayyar SUB 73' 6 Abdullah Marafee
15 Bahaa Ellithi 27 Jasser Yehia Medany SUB 60'
23 Hashim Ali 9 H. Harbaoui
27 Youssef Abdel Razaq Youssef G 17' 13 Sebastián Soria
96 Husam Hassunin El Said 7 M. Mohammadi


Al-Sadd: Rami Suhali Ali (SUB 73'), Jehad Mohammad Hudib, Abdulla Ismail Al Ali, Abdelrahman Rashid Gomaa, Mohamoud Nader, Sauoud Ebrahim, Ahmad Al-Saeed, Mohamed Naceur Almanai, Mouz Gadelseed Abdalla
Al Arabi: Abdulaziz Al Ansari (SUB 60'), Yasser Aboubaker Essa (SUB 60'), Khalid Mubarak (SUB 84'), Feras Dahboor, Abdulrahman Anad, Fahad Khalfan, Abdulrahim Al Baloushi, Mohammed Saad Albadr, Mohamed Hamadato, Ahmed Abotrika, Sataa Abdul Al Abbasi


17': Goal! Youssef Abdel Razaq Youssef scores — Al-Sadd [1]-0 Al Arabi .
28': Yellow card shown to Guilherme ( Al-Sadd).
35': Yellow card shown to Santi Cazorla ( Al-Sadd).
53': Goal! Nam Tae-Hee scores — Al-Sadd [2]-0 Al Arabi .
60': Substitution for Al Arabi: Abdulaziz Al Ansari in, Jasser Yehia Medany out.
60': Substitution for Al Arabi: Yasser Aboubaker Essa in, Fahad Al-Abdulrahman out.
73': Substitution for Al-Sadd: Rami Suhali Ali in, Ahmed Sayyar out.
77': Goal! Santi Cazorla scores — Al-Sadd [3]-0 Al Arabi .
84': Substitution for Al Arabi: Khalid Mubarak in, Khalaf Saad out.
90'+1': Goal! Rodrigo Barbosa Tabata scores — Al-Sadd [4]-0 Al Arabi .
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2020.10.09 21:58 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Morocco 3-1 Senegal [Friendlies]

FT: Morocco 3-1 Senegal

Morocco Score Senegal
S. Amallah 10' [1]-0
Y. En-Nesyri 71' [2]-0
Y. El-Arabi 86' [3]-0
3-[1] I. Sarr 88' (pen.)
Date: 09/10/2020 — 20:00 CEST, 14:00 EDT, 19:00 BST, 23:30 IST
Competition: Friendlies
Venue: Stade Prince Moulay Abdallah (Rabat)
Referee: M. Kéïta


Morocco Notes Senegal Notes
Manager: V. Halilhodžić Manager: A. Cissé
1 Y. Bounou 1 B. Kamara
8 I. Chebake YC 37' 2 S. Ciss
23 S. Mmaee SUB 69' 6 S. Sané SUB 56'
2 A. Hakimi A 10' 12 Y. Sabaly
3 H. Mendyl SUB 55' 14 O. Ba
6 R. Saïss 8 C. Kouyaté SUB 79'
20 S. Amrabat 5 I. Gueye
15 S. Amallah G 10' 17 M. Thiam
16 A. Barkok A 71'; SUB 87' 19 F. Diedhiou SUB 56'
14 O. Tannane SUB 59' 18 I. Sarr PG 88'
19 Y. En-Nesyri G 71'; SUB 76' 15 K. Diatta YC 43'; SUB 85'


Morocco: Y. Abdelhamid (SUB 55'), H. Ziyech (SUB 59'; A 86'), A. Bencharki (SUB 69'), Y. El-Arabi (SUB 76'; G 86'), N. Boujellab (SUB 87'), O. El Kaddouri, M. Rharsalla, A. Lazaar, M. Mohamedi
Senegal: B. Dia (SUB 56'), P. Cissé (SUB 56'), P. Diop (SUB 79'), O. Nguette (SUB 85'), L. Gassama, H. Diallo, J. Lopy, S. Thioub, R. Coly, S. Sarr, B. Fall, M. Loum


10': Goal! S. Amallah scores [A. Hakimi assist] — Morocco [1]-0 Senegal .
37': Yellow card shown to I. Chebake ( Morocco).
43': Yellow card shown to K. Diatta ( Senegal).
55': Substitution for Morocco: Y. Abdelhamid in, H. Mendyl out.
56': Substitution for Senegal: B. Dia in, F. Diedhiou out.
56': Substitution for Senegal: P. Cissé in, S. Sané out.
59': Substitution for Morocco: H. Ziyech in, O. Tannane out.
69': Substitution for Morocco: A. Bencharki in, S. Mmaee out.
71': Goal! Y. En-Nesyri scores [A. Barkok assist] — Morocco [2]-0 Senegal .
76': Substitution for Morocco: Y. El-Arabi in, Y. En-Nesyri out.
79': Substitution for Senegal: P. Diop in, C. Kouyaté out.
85': Substitution for Senegal: O. Nguette in, K. Diatta out.
86': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [H. Ziyech assist] — Morocco [3]-0 Senegal .
87': Substitution for Morocco: N. Boujellab in, A. Barkok out.
88': Goal! I. Sarr scores (Penalty) — Morocco 3-[1] Senegal .
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2020.09.29 22:55 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Omonoia Nicosia 0-0 Olympiakos Piraeus (0-[2] on agg.) [UEFA Champions League]

FT: Omonoia Nicosia 0-0 Olympiakos Piraeus

Aggregate: Omonoia Nicosia 0-2 Olympiakos Piraeus
Date: 29/09/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Venue: Neo GSP (Nicosía (Levkosía))
Referee: Antonio Mateu


Omonoia Nicosia Notes Olympiakos Piraeus Notes
Manager: H. Berg Manager: Pedro Martins
40 Fabiano 1 José Sá
17 J. Lecjaks 13 Rafinha YC 85'
15 T. Hubočan YC 80' 25 J. Holebas YC 56'
6 M. Lüftner 3 Rúben Semedo
22 Á. Lang 24 O. Ba YC 46'
31 I. Kousoulos YC 76' 28 M. Valbuena SUB 90'+2'
11 É. Bauthéac YC 66' 6 Y. M'Vila
8 Vitor Gomes 5 A. Bouchalakis YC 89'
21 M. Tzionis SUB 84' 97 L. Ranđelović SUB 75'
18 M. Ďuriš SUB 70' 4 M. Camara SUB 90'+2'
13 F. Papoulis SUB 70' 11 Y. El-Arabi


Omonoia Nicosia: A. Kakoullis (SUB 70'), E. Asante (SUB 70'), M. Sene (SUB 84'), L. Loizou, C. Kyriakides, Kiko, C. Mavrias
Olympiakos Piraeus: G. Masouras (SUB 75'), K. Fortounis (SUB 90'+2'), Cafú (SUB 90'+2'), Bruno Souza, K. Tzolakis, Koka, P. Cissé


46': Yellow card shown to O. Ba ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
56': Yellow card shown to J. Holebas ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
66': Yellow card shown to É. Bauthéac ( Omonoia Nicosia).
70': Substitution for Omonoia Nicosia: A. Kakoullis in, M. Ďuriš out.
70': Substitution for Omonoia Nicosia: E. Asante in, F. Papoulis out.
75': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: G. Masouras in, L. Ranđelović out.
76': Yellow card shown to I. Kousoulos ( Omonoia Nicosia).
80': Yellow card shown to T. Hubočan ( Omonoia Nicosia).
84': Substitution for Omonoia Nicosia: M. Sene in, M. Tzionis out.
85': Yellow card shown to Rafinha ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
89': Yellow card shown to A. Bouchalakis ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
90'+2': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis in, M. Valbuena out.
90'+2': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Cafú in, M. Camara out.

Match Statistics

Omonoia Nicosia Stat Olympiakos Piraeus
6 Corners 0
2 Fouls 2
0 Offsides 1
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2020.09.23 22:53 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 2-0 Omonoia Nicosia [UEFA Champions League]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 2-0 Omonoia Nicosia

Olympiakos Piraeus Score Omonoia Nicosia
M. Valbuena 69' (pen.) [1]-0
Y. El-Arabi 90'+2' [2]-0
Date: 23/09/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: D. Makkelie


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes Omonoia Nicosia Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: H. Berg
1 José Sá 40 Fabiano
13 Rafinha 17 J. Lecjaks YC 69'
25 J. Holebas 15 T. Hubočan
3 Rúben Semedo YC 48' 6 M. Lüftner YC 42'
24 O. Ba 22 Á. Lang
28 M. Valbuena PG 69' 16 Jordi Gómez
7 K. Fortounis SUB 59' 11 É. Bauthéac YC 44'
5 A. Bouchalakis A 90'+2' 8 Vitor Gomes YC 26'
19 G. Masouras SUB 59' 70 Thiago Santos
4 M. Camara 13 F. Papoulis SUB 81'
9 Koka SUB 76' 7 M. Sene SUB 46'


Olympiakos Piraeus: Y. El-Arabi (SUB 59'; G 90'+2'), L. Ranđelović (SUB 59'), Y. M'Vila, Bruno Souza, Cafú, P. Cissé, K. Tzolakis
Omonoia Nicosia: M. Ďuriš (SUB 46'), E. Asante (SUB 81'), C. Mavrias, I. Kousoulos, M. Tzionis, L. Loizou, C. Panayi


26': Yellow card shown to Vitor Gomes ( Omonoia Nicosia).
42': Yellow card shown to M. Lüftner ( Omonoia Nicosia).
44': Yellow card shown to É. Bauthéac ( Omonoia Nicosia).
46': Substitution for Omonoia Nicosia: M. Ďuriš in, M. Sene out.
48': Yellow card shown to Rúben Semedo ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
59': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Y. El-Arabi in, K. Fortounis out.
59': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović in, G. Masouras out.
69': Goal! M. Valbuena scores (Penalty) — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 Omonoia Nicosia .
69': Yellow card shown to J. Lecjaks ( Omonoia Nicosia).
76': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Y. MVila in, Koka out.
81': Substitution for Omonoia Nicosia: E. Asante in, F. Papoulis out.
90'+2': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [A. Bouchalakis assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [2]-0 Omonoia Nicosia .

Match Statistics

Olympiakos Piraeus Stat Omonoia Nicosia
2 Corners 2
5 Fouls 6
0 Offsides 1
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2020.08.22 23:07 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Zamalek SC 3-1 Al-Ahly [Premier League, Round 21]

FT: Zamalek SC 3-1 Al-Ahly

Zamalek SC Score Al-Ahly
Zizo 13' [1]-0
1-[1] Yasser Ibrahim 62'
Mostafa Mohamed 71' [2]-1
Osama Faisal 90'+3' [3]-1
Date: 22/08/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: Premier League (Round 21)
Venue: Cairo International Stadium (al-Qāhirah (Cairo))
Referee: I. Bebek


Zamalek SC Notes Al-Ahly Notes
Manager: P. Carteron Manager: R. Weiler
1 Mohamed Abougabal 16 Mohamed El Shenawy
7 Hazem Emam A 71'; SUB 82' 12 Ayman Ashraf YC 84'
19 Mohamed Abdul Shafy 21 A. Maâloul
4 Mahmoud Alaa 6 Yasser Ibrahim G 62'
28 Mahmoud Hamdi El Wensh 30 Mohamed Hany YC 45'+1'
3 Tarek Hamed 17 Amr Al Sulaya YC 67'
13 F. Sassi 19 Mohamed Magdi Kafsha SUB 79'
25 Zizo G 13'; SUB 53' 15 A. Dieng YC 45'+5'; SUB 46'
11 Youssef Obama SUB 63' 8 Hamdi Fathi YC 50'; SUB 81'
20 A. Bencharki A 13' 28 O. Ajayi SUB 46'
15 Mostafa Mohamed G 71'; YC 72'; SUB 82' 18 A. Badji


Zamalek SC: M. Ounajem (SUB 53'; A 90'+3'), K. Kassongo (SUB 63'), Osama Faisal (SUB 82'; YC 89'; G 90'+3'), Mohamed Abdel Ghani (SUB 82'), Mahmoud Gennesh, Omar El Said, Hossam Ashraf, Hossam Abdelmaguid, Islam Gaber
Al-Ahly: Walid Soliman (SUB 46'), Geraldo (SUB 46'), Marwan Mohsen (SUB 79'), Ahmed Fathy (SUB 81'), Mahmoud Waheed, Aly Lotfy, Rami Rabia, Mostafa Shobeir, Arabi Badr


13': Goal! Zizo scores [A. Bencharki assist] — Zamalek SC [1]-0 Al-Ahly .
45'+1': Yellow card shown to Mohamed Hany ( Al-Ahly).
45'+5': Yellow card shown to A. Dieng ( Al-Ahly).
46': Substitution for Al-Ahly: Walid Soliman in, A. Dieng out.
46': Substitution for Al-Ahly: Geraldo in, O. Ajayi out.
50': Yellow card shown to Hamdi Fathi ( Al-Ahly).
53': Substitution for Zamalek SC: M. Ounajem in, Zizo out.
62': Goal! Yasser Ibrahim scores — Zamalek SC 1-[1] Al-Ahly .
63': Substitution for Zamalek SC: K. Kassongo in, Youssef Obama out.
67': Yellow card shown to Amr Al Sulaya ( Al-Ahly).
71': Goal! Mostafa Mohamed scores [Hazem Emam assist] — Zamalek SC [2]-1 Al-Ahly .
72': Yellow card shown to Mostafa Mohamed ( Zamalek SC).
79': Substitution for Al-Ahly: Marwan Mohsen in, Mohamed Magdi Kafsha out.
81': Substitution for Al-Ahly: Ahmed Fathy in, Hamdi Fathi out.
82': Substitution for Zamalek SC: Osama Faisal in, Mostafa Mohamed out.
82': Substitution for Zamalek SC: Mohamed Abdel Ghani in, Hazem Emam out.
84': Yellow card shown to Ayman Ashraf ( Al-Ahly).
89': Yellow card shown to Osama Faisal ( Zamalek SC).
90'+3': Goal! Osama Faisal scores [M. Ounajem assist] — Zamalek SC [3]-1 Al-Ahly .

Match Statistics

Zamalek SC Stat Al-Ahly
2 Corners 6
4 Total Shots 14
2 Shots On Target 4
2 Shots Wide 10
13 Fouls 14
2 Offsides 1
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Creed Les Royales Exclusives

  • Jardin d’Amalfi 2016
  • Pure White Cologne 2016
  • Spice and Wood 2017
  • Sublime Vanille 2018
  • White Flowers 2018 (Best Creed for women, imo)
  • 10ml $32 (Applies to 3/$58 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal for $8 more, each)
  • 25ml $74
  • 60ml $165


  • Bois du Portugal
  • Erolfa
  • Green Irish Tweed
  • Himalaya
  • Iris Tubereuse
  • Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie
  • Love in Black
  • Millesime Imperial
  • Neroli Sauvage new!
  • Original Santal
  • Original Vetiver
  • Royal Mayfair
  • Royal Oud
  • Royal Water
  • Silver Mountain Water
  • Tabarome
  • Virgin Island Water
  • White Amber (Les Royales Exclusives)
  • 10ml $24 (3/$58, add more for $18 ea.)
  • 25ml $45 (2/$85, add more for $40)
  • 50ml $79
  • 60ml $89
  • 100ml $139
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly 3/$58 10ml combo is fine! 100ml Creed testers are available for some of the Creed options in this section. Same as a new in box retail bottle from stores, except there is no cap or box. $149 shipped
  • Retail Products $174:
  • Green Irish Tweed 100ml new in box
  • Millesime Imperial 100ml new in box (out of stock)
  • Silver Mountain Water 100ml new in box (almost gone)
  • Virgin Island Water 100ml new in box (out of stock)

More Creed for Women

  • Aventus for Her
  • Royal Princess Oud (60ml max)
  • 10ml $24 (applicable to 3/$58 Creed/TF/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $49
  • 50ml $87
  • 60ml $99
  • 100ml $158


  • Honour (vintage)
  • Interlude Man new!
  • Jubilation XXV
  • Reflection Man
  • 10ml $24
  • 25ml $55

Boadicea the Victorious

  • Nefarious
  • 10ml $24

Bond No. 9

  • Bleecker Street new!
  • 10ml $24
  • 25ml $55


  • Boy EDP new!
  • Coromandel EDP
  • Sycomore EDP
  • 10ml $26
  • 25ml $59

Christian Dior

  • Dior Privee - Ambre Nuit new!
  • Dior Privee - Oud Ispahan new!
  • Dior Privee - Spice Blend new!
  • Fahrenheit Parfum (2018)
  • 10ml $24
  • 25ml $55

- Christian Dior Homme Collection

  • Dior Homme Intense (2013 vintage)
  • 10ml $24
  • 25ml $55

Frederic Malle

  • Carnal Flower 10ml $34, 25ml $79
  • En Passant 10ml $24, 25ml $55
  • Lipstick Rose 10ml $24, 25ml $55
  • Lys Mediterranee 10ml $24, 25ml $55
  • Musc Ravageur (out of stock)
  • Music for a While 10ml $24, 25ml $55
  • Portrait of a Lady (out of stock)
  • Superstitions 10ml $24, 25ml $55

Giorgio Armani

  • Armani Privé - Rose d'Arabie
  • 10ml $28
  • 25ml $65


  • Oud for Greatness
  • 10ml $36
  • 25ml $85

Le Labo

  • Bergamot 22
  • Rose 31 (my favorite Le Labo)
  • Santal 33
  • Thé Noir 29
  • 10ml $32
  • 25ml $69
  • 60ml $149

Maison Francis Kurkdjion

  • Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum
  • Grand Soir Eau de Parfum
  • Oud Satin Mood Eau de Parfum
  • 10ml $28
  • 25ml $65
  • 60ml $145
  • Masculin Pluriel new!
  • 10ml $24
  • 25ml $55
  • 60ml $119
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum
  • 10ml $38
  • 25ml $89
  • 60ml $199
  • Retail products:
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP 70ml new in box retail bottle $210 shipped (back in stock)
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP 200ml new in box retail bottle $399 shipped, US only new!


  • Ani Extrait
  • Hacivat Extrait
  • Hundred Silent Ways
  • 10ml $32
  • 25ml $75

Parfums de Marly

  • Galloway
  • Habdan
  • Herod
  • Layton
  • Nisean
  • Oajan
  • Pegasus
  • Percival
  • Sedley
  • 10ml $25 (3/$58, add more for $18 ea.)
  • 25ml $55
  • 60ml $109
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly combos is fine!
  • Carlisle back in stock!
  • 10ml $28 (not applicable to Creed/TF/PdM deal)
  • 25ml $69
  • Layton Exclusif
  • 10ml $27 (add $2 if applying to 3/$58 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $59

Roja Dove

  • Creation E/Enigma Pour Homme Parfum Cologne
  • Elysium Pour Homme Parfum Cologne
  • Scandal Pour Homme Parfum Cologne
  • 10ml $32
  • 25ml $75
  • Amber Aoud Parfum (top 5 all-time favorite of mine) new!
  • 10ml $58
  • 25ml $139


  • L'Air du Desert Marocain 10ml $32 new!

Tom Ford

Check out the other Tom Ford offerings in the sections below!
  • Beau de Jeur (25ml max)
  • Cafe Rose
  • Champaca Absolute
  • Fluer de Chine
  • Fleur de Portofino
  • Fougere d'argent (underrated)
  • Fougere Platine
  • Jasmin Rouge
  • Jonquille de Nuit
  • Lavender Extreme
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Neroli Portofino Forte
  • Noir de Noir
  • Ombre de Hyacinth
  • Ombre Leather (25ml max)
  • Oud Fleur
  • Patchouli Absolu
  • Rive D'Ambre
  • Shanghai Lily
  • Santal Blush
  • Sole di Positano
  • Soleil Blanc (very popular women's)
  • Tobacco Oud (out of stock)
  • Vanille Fatale (out of stock)
  • Venetian Bergamot
  • Vert Boheme
  • Vert des Bois
  • White Suede
  • 10ml $24, (3/$58, add more for $18 ea.)
  • 25ml $45 (2/$85, add more for $40)
  • 50ml $79
  • 60ml $89
  • 100ml $139
  • Mixing Creed, Tom Ford, and Parfums de Marly combos is fine!

Other Tom Fords

  • Oud Wood
  • Plum Japonais
  • Tobacco Vanille (10ml max until restock)
  • Tuscan Leather
  • 10ml $29 (Or add $5 each for 3/$58 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $59
  • F-king Fabulous!
  • Oud Wood Intense
  • 10ml $32 (Or add $8 each for 3/$58 Creed/Tom Ford/PDM deal)
  • 25ml $69
  • 60ml $149

$1/ML Tom Ford Overstock Sale

25ml, 60ml, or 100ml sizes
  • Jasmin Musk
  • Lys Fume
  • Vert de Fleur


  • Casamorati 1888
  • Casamorati 1888 - Dolce Amalfi
  • Casamorati 1888 - Fiero
  • Casamorati 1888 - Mefisto
  • Casamorati 1888 - Mefisto Gentiluomo
  • Erba Pura new!
  • Naxos
  • Renaissance 1861 new!
  • 10ml $28
  • 25ml $65
  • Join the Club - 40 Knots (10ml $32, 25ml $75) new!
  • Oud Stars - Alexandria II (10ml $49, 25ml $119) new!

Yves Saint Laurent (vintage items)

  • La Nuit de L'Homme 2012 10ml $24
  • L'Homme Libre 2015 (discontinued) 10ml $24
  • Rive Gauche Pour Homme EDT Intense (2003 du Parc address/vintage tin) $26

10ML Add-on Section

Items below can be purchased as add-ons for the listed prices, or you can now purchase them alone when adding $4 for shipping and packaging (no need to add another $4 after the first item)
For 25ml prices, multiply the 10ml prices below by 2.4
  • Armani - Acqua di Giò Profumo ($13)
  • Armani - Acqua di Giò Profumo Special Blend (2017 ltd. edition/$20)
  • Chanel - Bleu de Chanel EDP ($17)
  • Chanel - Bleu de Chanel Parfum ($19)
  • Chanel - Les Excusifs - Eau de Cologne ($15)
  • Dior - “Dior Homme Original” (EDT 2020) ($15)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Cologne 2016 ($10)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Cologne (vintage 07 "silver stem" $15)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Eau 2015 ($12)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Intense (2020) ($14)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Sport (2008/1st formula) ($16)
  • Dior - Dior Homme Sport (2012/ 2nd formula) ($12)
  • Dior - EAU Sauvage Cologne ($12)
  • Dior - EAU Sauvage EDT ($12)
  • Dior - EAU Extreme Intense EDT ($16)
  • Dior - EAU Sauvage Parfum ($12)
  • Dior - Sauvage EDP (out of stock)
  • Dior - Sauvage Parfum ($17)
  • Guerlain - Vetiver EDT ($7)
  • Hermes - Terre d’Hermes Pure Parfum ($12)
  • Hermes - Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver EDP ($12)
  • Knize Ten EDT ($10)
  • Mancera - Cedrat Boise EDP ($15)
  • Mancera - Instant Crush EDP ($15) new!
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Beach Walk ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - By the Fireplace ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Jazz Club ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Under the Lemon Trees ($16)
  • Maison Margiela - Replica - Whispers in the Library ($16)
  • Mont Blanc Explorer ($10)
  • Mugler - A Men (original/2011) ($12)
  • Mugler - A Men Kryptomint ($10)
  • Ormonde Jayne - Ormonde Man (6ml left $12)
  • Tom Ford - Black Orchid EDP ($15)
  • Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver EDP (out of stock)
  • Tom Ford - Cafe Rose ($10)
  • Tom Ford - Jasmin Musk ($10)
  • Tom Ford - Lys Fume ($10)
  • Tom Ford - Noir Extreme EDP ($16)
  • Tom Ford - Vert de Fleur ($10)
  • Valentino - Valentina (women's/only $5)
  • Versace - Eros EDT ($10)
  • Victor and Rolf - Spicebomb ($13)
  • YSL - La Nuit de L'Homme (2019) ($12)
  • YSL - L'Homme 2006 ($18)
  • YSL - L'Homme 2009 ($16)
  • YSL - Y EDP ($16)
  • YSL - Y LIVE ($15)
  • Larger sizes may be arranged!
Thanks for looking!
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2020.07.19 20:59 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 AEK Athens [Super League 1, Round 10]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 AEK Athens

Olympiakos Piraeus Score AEK Athens
M. Valbuena 10' [1]-0
L. Ranđelović 21' [2]-0
M. Camara 73' [3]-0
Date: 19/07/2020 — 19:00 CEST, 13:00 EDT, 18:00 BST, 22:30 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 10)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: A. Papapetrou


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes AEK Athens Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: M. Carrera
1 José Sá 16 P. Tsintotas
76 Bruno Gaspar 27 Paulinho
21 K. Tsimikas 2 M. Bakakis
66 P. Cissé 4 M. Oikonomou
24 O. Ba SUB 74' 24 E. Svarnas
28 M. Valbuena G 10'; SUB 74' 20 P. Mandalos SUB 86'
8 Guilherme 8 André Simões
7 K. Fortounis A 10'; A 21'; SUB 89' 5 D. Szymański
97 L. Ranđelović G 21'; SUB 62' 11 S. Araújo SUB 61'
4 M. Camara G 73' 14 C. Albanis SUB 46'
11 Y. El-Arabi SUB 62' 7 D. Verde SUB 61'


Olympiakos Piraeus: A. Bouchalakis (SUB 62'), G. Masouras (SUB 62'), A. Papadopoulos (SUB 74'), V. Torosidis (SUB 74'), L. Christodoulopoulos (SUB 89'), B. Allain, Rúben Semedo, Cafú, M. Lovera
AEK Athens: N. Krstičić (SUB 46'), Nélson Oliveira (SUB 61'), M. Livaja (SUB 61'), A. Šabanadžović (SUB 86'), G. Botos, K. Stamoulis, T. Macheras, V. Barkas, Ž. Laci


10': Goal! M. Valbuena scores [K. Fortounis assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 AEK Athens .
21': Goal! L. Ranđelović scores [K. Fortounis assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [2]-0 AEK Athens .
46': Substitution for AEK Athens: N. Krstičić in, C. Albanis out.
61': Substitution for AEK Athens: Nélson Oliveira in, S. Araújo out.
61': Substitution for AEK Athens: M. Livaja in, D. Verde out.
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: A. Bouchalakis in, Y. El-Arabi out.
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: G. Masouras in, L. Ranđelović out.
73': Goal! M. Camara scores — Olympiakos Piraeus [3]-0 AEK Athens .
74': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: A. Papadopoulos in, O. Ba out.
74': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: V. Torosidis in, M. Valbuena out.
86': Substitution for AEK Athens: A. Šabanadžović in, P. Mandalos out.
89': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Christodoulopoulos in, K. Fortounis out.
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2020.07.13 13:30 L1A1 I've created a guide to the armies of Araby, including suitable current figure manufacturers.

I've always been fascinated by the concept of the mystical Lands of Araby since 1st Edition WFB, and after a friend gifted me a model of an Arabyan Wizard I've decided to put together an army. I went through the leadpile and found a few suitable models, but as I couldn't find an up to date guide on suitable old-school style models that would work I thought I'd put one together.
If you're interested in Araby at all, the guide is *here*, but be warned, it's a bit (lot!) long. Anyway, thanks for looking!
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2020.07.12 22:45 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 0-1 PAOK [Super League 1, Round 8]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 0-1 PAOK

Olympiakos Piraeus Score PAOK
0-[1] E. Mihaj 90'
Date: 12/07/2020 — 20:45 CEST, 14:45 EDT, 19:45 BST, 00:15 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 8)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: E. Manouhos


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes PAOK Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: Abel Ferreira
1 José Sá 31 A. Paschalakis
14 O. Elabdellaoui YC 38' 5 Fernando Varela
3 Rúben Semedo 4 S. Ingason SUB 46'
21 K. Tsimikas 2 Rodrigo Alves A 90'
66 P. Cissé YC 71' 23 D. Giannoulis YC 33'
28 M. Valbuena SUB 86' 49 I. Michailidis
8 Guilherme SUB 62' 21 D. Biseswar YC 52'; SUB 73'
5 A. Bouchalakis YC 50' 7 O. El Kaddouri YC 47'; SUB 79'
19 G. Masouras SUB 62' 8 Maurício
4 M. Camara 47 C. Akpom SUB 59'
11 Y. El-Arabi SUB 77' 68 C. Tzolis SUB 79'


Olympiakos Piraeus: Bruno Souza (SUB 62'), K. Fortounis (SUB 62'), Koka (SUB 77'), L. Ranđelović (SUB 86'), A. Papadopoulos, B. Allain, V. Torosidis, M. Lovera, Cafú
PAOK: E. Mihaj (SUB 46'; YC 85'; G 90'), K. Świderski (SUB 59'), M. Stoch (SUB 73'), A. Esiti (SUB 79'), D. Limnios (SUB 79'), Vieirinha, Léo Matos, T. Tsiggaras, Ž. Živković


33': Yellow card shown to D. Giannoulis ( PAOK).
38': Yellow card shown to O. Elabdellaoui ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
46': Substitution for PAOK: E. Mihaj in, S. Ingason out.
47': Yellow card shown to O. El Kaddouri ( PAOK).
50': Yellow card shown to A. Bouchalakis ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
52': Yellow card shown to D. Biseswar ( PAOK).
59': Substitution for PAOK: K. Świderski in, C. Akpom out.
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Bruno Souza in, G. Masouras out.
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis in, Guilherme out.
71': Yellow card shown to P. Cissé ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
73': Substitution for PAOK: M. Stoch in, D. Biseswar out.
77': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, Y. El-Arabi out.
79': Substitution for PAOK: A. Esiti in, O. El Kaddouri out.
79': Substitution for PAOK: D. Limnios in, C. Tzolis out.
85': Yellow card shown to E. Mihaj ( PAOK).
86': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović in, M. Valbuena out.
90': Goal! E. Mihaj scores [Rodrigo Alves assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus 0-[1] PAOK .
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2020.07.05 22:29 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Panathinaikos 0-0 Olympiakos Piraeus [Super League 1, Round 6]

FT: Panathinaikos 0-0 Olympiakos Piraeus

Date: 05/07/2020 — 20:30 CEST, 14:30 EDT, 19:30 BST, 00:00 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 6)
Venue: Olympiako Stadio Spyros Louis (Athína (Athens))
Referee: G. Kominis


Panathinaikos Notes Olympiakos Piraeus Notes
Manager: G. Donis Manager: Pedro Martins
1 S. Dioudis 1 José Sá
5 B. Schenkeveld 14 O. Elabdellaoui
4 D. Kolovetsios 3 Rúben Semedo
12 I. Chatzitheodoridis 76 Bruno Gaspar YC 74'
23 V. Theocharis YC 26' 24 O. Ba YC 21'; SUB 46'
21 D. Kourmpelis YC 76' 28 M. Valbuena PM ❌ 45'+5'; SUB 64'
26 A. Tuhami 8 Guilherme
18 I. Bouzoukis SUB 75' 7 K. Fortounis YC 43'; SUB 65'
11 T. Chatzigiovanis SUB 68' 5 A. Bouchalakis SUB 46'
55 S. Alexandropoulos SUB 57' 4 M. Camara
9 F. Macheda SUB 76' 11 Y. El-Arabi YC 67'


Panathinaikos: A. Kampetsis (SUB 57'), D. Kolovos (SUB 68'; YC 80'), D. Serpezis (SUB 75'), J. Perea (SUB 76'), V. Xenopoulos, V. Zagaritis, S. Tzavidas, A. Athanasakopoulos, U. Bech
Olympiakos Piraeus: P. Cissé (SUB 46'; YC 90'+3'), Koka (SUB 46'; YC 58'), M. Vrousai (SUB 64'), M. Lovera (SUB 65'), A. Papadopoulos, Cafú, Bruno Souza, V. Torosidis, B. Allain


21': Yellow card shown to O. Ba ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
26': Yellow card shown to V. Theocharis ( Panathinaikos).
43': Yellow card shown to K. Fortounis ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
45'+5': ❌ Missed penalty. M. Valbuena ( Olympiakos Piraeus) fails to convert.
46': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: P. Cissé in, O. Ba out.
46': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, A. Bouchalakis out.
57': Substitution for Panathinaikos: A. Kampetsis in, S. Alexandropoulos out.
58': Yellow card shown to Koka ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
64': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: M. Vrousai in, M. Valbuena out.
65': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: M. Lovera in, K. Fortounis out.
67': Yellow card shown to Y. El-Arabi ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
68': Substitution for Panathinaikos: D. Kolovos in, T. Chatzigiovanis out.
74': Yellow card shown to Bruno Gaspar ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
75': Substitution for Panathinaikos: D. Serpezis in, I. Bouzoukis out.
76': Yellow card shown to D. Kourmpelis ( Panathinaikos).
76': Substitution for Panathinaikos: J. Perea in, F. Macheda out.
80': Yellow card shown to D. Kolovos ( Panathinaikos).
90'+3': Yellow card shown to P. Cissé ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
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2020.06.28 22:27 threaddo Post-Match Thread: AEK Athens 1-2 Olympiakos Piraeus [Super League 1, Round 4]

FT: AEK Athens 1-2 Olympiakos Piraeus

AEK Athens Score Olympiakos Piraeus
0-[1] Y. El-Arabi 38'
0-[2] M. Camara 45'
S. Araújo 66' [1]-2
Date: 28/06/2020 — 20:30 CEST, 14:30 EDT, 19:30 BST, 00:00 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 4)
Venue: Olympiako Stadio Spyros Louis (Athína (Athens))
Referee: C. Turpin


AEK Athens Notes Olympiakos Piraeus Notes
Manager: M. Carrera Manager: Pedro Martins
16 P. Tsintotas 1 José Sá
19 D. Chygrynskiy 14 O. Elabdellaoui
23 N. Hult 3 Rúben Semedo YC 55'
27 Paulinho 21 K. Tsimikas
24 E. Svarnas SUB 90' 24 O. Ba
6 N. Krstičić 8 Guilherme
5 D. Szymański 7 K. Fortounis A 45'; SUB 71'
11 S. Araújo G 66' 5 A. Bouchalakis YC 83'
10 M. Livaja YC 7' 19 G. Masouras A 38'; SUB 77'
14 C. Albanis SUB 31' 4 M. Camara G 45'
7 D. Verde SUB 83' 11 Y. El-Arabi G 38'; SUB 77'


AEK Athens: M. Oikonomou (SUB 31'), T. Macheras (SUB 83'), E. Christopoulos (SUB 90'), G. Botos, Ž. Laci, G. Athanasiadis, I. Sardelis, K. Stamoulis, A. Šabanadžović
Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović (SUB 71'), Cafú (SUB 77'), Koka (SUB 77'), P. Cissé, M. Lovera, Bruno Souza, B. Allain, Bruno Gaspar, V. Torosidis


7': Yellow card shown to M. Livaja ( AEK Athens).
31': Substitution for AEK Athens: M. Oikonomou in, C. Albanis out.
38': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [G. Masouras assist] — AEK Athens 0-[1] Olympiakos Piraeus .
45': Goal! M. Camara scores [K. Fortounis assist] — AEK Athens 0-[2] Olympiakos Piraeus .
55': Yellow card shown to Rúben Semedo ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
66': Goal! S. Araújo scores — AEK Athens [1]-2 Olympiakos Piraeus .
71': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović in, K. Fortounis out.
77': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Cafú in, G. Masouras out.
77': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, Y. El-Arabi out.
83': Yellow card shown to A. Bouchalakis ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
83': Substitution for AEK Athens: T. Macheras in, D. Verde out.
90': Substitution for AEK Athens: E. Christopoulos in, E. Svarnas out.
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2020.06.21 22:31 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 Panathinaikos [Super League 1, Round 3]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 Panathinaikos

Olympiakos Piraeus Score Panathinaikos
Guilherme 5' [1]-0
Y. El-Arabi 21' [2]-0
Cafú 90'+1' [3]-0
Date: 21/06/2020 — 20:30 CEST, 14:30 EDT, 19:30 BST, 00:00 IST
Competition: Super League 1 (Round 3)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: A. Sidiropoulos


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes Panathinaikos Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: G. Donis
1 José Sá 1 S. Dioudis
14 O. Elabdellaoui A 21'; SUB 74' 5 B. Schenkeveld
3 Rúben Semedo 4 D. Kolovetsios
21 K. Tsimikas 12 I. Chatzitheodoridis YC 36'; SUB 80'
24 O. Ba 21 D. Kourmpelis YC 42'
8 Guilherme G 5'; YC 48'; SUB 62' 20 Y. Ayoub SUB 72'
7 K. Fortounis 10 G. Zahid SUB 46'
5 A. Bouchalakis A 90'+1' 8 C. Donis
4 M. Camara SUB 86' 26 A. Tuhami YC 74'; SUB 86'
11 Y. El-Arabi G 21'; SUB 62' 11 T. Chatzigiovanis YC 43'
22 M. Lovera A 5'; SUB 74' 9 F. Macheda


Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka (SUB 62'), Cafú (SUB 62'; G 90'+1'), Bruno Gaspar (SUB 74'; YC 90'), G. Masouras (SUB 74'), Bruno Souza (SUB 86'), L. Ranđelović, V. Torosidis, P. Cissé, B. Allain
Panathinaikos: D. Kolovos (SUB 46'), I. Bouzoukis (SUB 72'), V. Zagaritis (SUB 80'; YC 82'), A. Kampetsis (SUB 86'), A. Athanasakopoulos, V. Xenopoulos, S. Alexandropoulos, D. Serpezis, V. Theocharis


5': Goal! Guilherme scores [M. Lovera assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 Panathinaikos .
21': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [O. Elabdellaoui assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [2]-0 Panathinaikos .
36': Yellow card shown to I. Chatzitheodoridis ( Panathinaikos).
42': Yellow card shown to D. Kourmpelis ( Panathinaikos).
43': Yellow card shown to T. Chatzigiovanis ( Panathinaikos).
46': Substitution for Panathinaikos: D. Kolovos in, G. Zahid out.
48': Yellow card shown to Guilherme ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, Y. El-Arabi out.
62': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Cafú in, Guilherme out.
72': Substitution for Panathinaikos: I. Bouzoukis in, Y. Ayoub out.
74': Yellow card shown to A. Tuhami ( Panathinaikos).
74': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Bruno Gaspar in, M. Lovera out.
74': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: G. Masouras in, O. Elabdellaoui out.
80': Substitution for Panathinaikos: V. Zagaritis in, I. Chatzitheodoridis out.
82': Yellow card shown to V. Zagaritis ( Panathinaikos).
86': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Bruno Souza in, M. Camara out.
86': Substitution for Panathinaikos: A. Kampetsis in, A. Tuhami out.
90': Yellow card shown to Bruno Gaspar ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
90'+1': Goal! Cafú scores [A. Bouchalakis assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [3]-0 Panathinaikos .
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2020.06.19 03:22 Gold-Ad5939 No title

I'm so glad I found this group in Reddit. About 3 weeks ago, I finally ended my relationship with a narcissist after a year and a half. I can't believe the verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse I received at his hands. My therapist clued me in to the possibility he was a narcissist and since then I've read everything I can get my hands on (and watched dozens of You Tube videos by Dr. Ramani and Shahida Arabi). But I'm still so much in a fog that I still question whether I'm assessing him fairly and accurately (even though his actions and words are textbook NPD). I'd not dated and was celibate for several years prior to his coming back into my life (he followed me for 12 years! checking in with texts, while he was living with another woman). I thought it was romantic and got thoroughly love bombed and told that he had "cleared his plate" of all other women. In fact, the first devaluing was his accusation that 1) I was never celibate all that time and 2) I had bruises on my body that meant they were hickies from dozens of other men I was supposedly sleeping with. I was completely shocked. Cheating is anathema to me; I'm very loyal and dedicated to my love. In the end he ended up cheating on me with two girls at one time, simply because I couldn't take the invalidation of his accusations anymore and left. Throughout the relationship, I've been told so many vile and heinous things about myself that he's just made up. But I so wanted to believe that this was my soul mate and that at 52, I would never be alone again. He proposed 3 months after we started dating and broke that promise (after completely abandoning me after practically moving into my house 5-6 days/week) along with several others (to go to counseling, to be faithful, to stop the verbal abuse, etc.). He recently brought in family members (flying monkeys) who hacked into my phone and join conversations between him and myself. They call me obscene names that I won't repeat here. He allows it and probably revels in it. I'm now completely no contact and sent the "promise" ring he gave me back to him. I don't even want it in my house. I just can't believe people like this existed. So evil, but so adept at acting loving when they need to pull you back in. I'm working with a great therapist and educating myself all the time, but frankly my self-care is zero at the moment. I'n just existing and reliving flashbacks of his cheating on me. He actually sent descriptions of the sex to my LinkedIn account to rub my face in it. Sex was the most sacred thing in our relationship (and cheating being the thing he falsely accused me of along), and he ended up doing it to me. The betrayal makes me sick to my stomach. The trauma bond between us is still very strong, but I will NEVER go back. I really appreciate being able to share my thoughts and heartache here.
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2020.06.17 21:02 LHPSU Different campaign on the same map, or taking a leaf out of Paradox's book

Paradox games have long used the same world map with different start dates to create a completely different campaign experience. Total War has begun to realize that they could do the same in historical titles, and I would like to see them do so for the Mortal Empires with a different "start date", so to speak.
What I have in mind is a "death match" mode, much like the Doomsday scenario in Hearts of Iron 2 that divided the world into a few superpowers, or the Attila/Barbarian Invasion campaign if you want to use TW as example. The major factions will be consolidated and in a much more advanced state of development, and most minor factions absorbed into the major factions.
In the current state of WH2 Mortal Empires, it would look like the following:
Empire: Unified Reikland Empire, but part of the east has been lost to vampires. Dwarfs: Most of Grey Mountains, Black Mountains and World's Edge Mountains. Greenskins: All of the Badlands. Vampire Counts: All of Sylvania, possibly some combination of Ostermark, The Moot, Stirland and Averland as well. Warriors of Chaos: Hun/Mongol-level horde. Beastmen: Multiple warherds across the map, campaign revolves participating in the Chaos invasion and possibly supplanting Archaon at some point. Wood Elves: Athel Loren, Laurelorn and Heart of the Jungle. Bretonnia: All of Bretonnia proper. Repanse could spun-off into her own campaign with the Araby Coast under her control, or she could simply be another Bretonnia LL. Norsca: Controls all of Norsca and Albion. Foothold in Aghol Wastelands? High Elves: United Ulthuan, foothold in Broken Lands or Black Coast? Dark Elves: All of Naggaroth. Lizardmen: All of Lustria except the Vampire Coast. This plan probably relegates Nakai to simply a recruitable legendary lord. Skaven: This gets complicated, but I could see core settlements at Skavenblight and Hell Pit plus other settlements scattered in remote places (Gnoblar Country, Black Spine Mountains, South World's Edge, etc.) Alternatively, they could start with a smaller number of settlements, but a sprawling under-empire. Tomb Kings: This is also complicated because of the Follower of Nagash dynamic. We could simply have Settra rule over all of the desert and be in conflict with Repanse, or we could kick Repanse back to Bretonnia and give the Araby Coast and eastern deserts to Arkhan instead. Vampire Coast: The Vampire Coast, Galleon's Graveyard and Sartosa, plus possibly a network of pirate coves around the world.
Southern Realms: Basically united Southern Realms as Border Princes, Tilea and Mirigliano. Kislev: Kislev. Maybe give them all of the northeast corner (kicking out Kraka Drak).
Factions will start at war with their natural enemy, for example Dwarfs with Greenskins, HE with DE, etc. Conversely, Empire probably starts with NAP with Dwarfs and Bretonnia, and Beastmen start allied with Chaos.
You'll be able to choose your legendary lord, but you'll always start in the same location, much like starting with Franz or Volkmar as Empire. Other legendary lords become recruitable, either right off the bat, or by fulfilling requirements. Some lords may only make sense as recruitables, such as Nakai. You could also have different goals and victory conditions if you play as different lords; maybe your goal involves destroying DE as Tyrion, destroying Chaos as Teclis, and destroying the Greenskins as Eltharion, each with missions guiding you to your goal.

I'm sure something like this would be moddable, but it would be nice to see such a campaign option become available in WH. You could do old-school empire building in ME, or immediately start with an empire and duke it out with other superpowers in this deathmatch mode...maybe even survival horror, Attila style, if you make the day 1 Chaos invasion powerful enough. This shouldn't require too much effort to develop, considering that it's entirely reusing existing ME resources, maybe with some scripting to guide the campaign story towards a certain direction.
The name of the campaign? The End Times, of course...or Storm of Chaos?
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2020.06.14 22:24 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-1 Aris [Super League 1, Round 2]

FT: Olympiakos Piraeus 3-1 Aris

Olympiakos Piraeus Score Aris
M. Camara 27' [1]-0
M. Camara 28' [2]-0
G. Masouras 38' [3]-0
3-[1] B. Ideye 64'
Date: 14 June 2020 — 20:30 CEST, 14:30 EDT, 19:30 BST, 00:00 IST
League: Super League 1 (Round 2)
Venue: Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki (Pireás (Piraeus))
Referee: E. Manouhos


Olympiakos Piraeus Notes Aris Notes
Manager: Pedro Martins Manager: M. Oenning
1 José Sá 23 Julián
14 O. Elabdellaoui 69 M. Korhut
21 K. Tsimikas 92 L. Rose
66 P. Cissé YC 72' 44 Fran Vélez YC 54'
24 O. Ba 5 G. Delizisis SUB 45'+2'
28 M. Valbuena A 27'; SUB 52' 16 Bruno Gama SUB 76'
8 Guilherme 26 Matilla
5 A. Bouchalakis SUB 52' 28 I. Fetfatzidis SUB 46'
19 G. Masouras G 38'; SUB 77' 88 Lucas Sasha
4 M. Camara G 27'; G 28' 10 D. Larsson SUB 77'
11 Y. El-Arabi A 28'; SUB 53' 11 B. Ideye G 64'


Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis (SUB 52'; PM ❌ 84'), Cafú (SUB 52'), Koka (SUB 53'), M. Lovera (SUB 77'), Bruno Gaspar, L. Ranđelović, V. Torosidis, B. Allain, A. Papadopoulos
Aris: Hugo Sousa (SUB 45'+2'), D. Mancini (SUB 46'), M. Tonso (SUB 76'), A. Ba (SUB 77'), P. Bakoutsis, N. Martínez, L. Duarte, F. Ehmann, D. Sundgren


27': Goal! M. Camara scores [M. Valbuena assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [1]-0 Aris .
28': Goal! M. Camara scores [Y. El-Arabi assist] — Olympiakos Piraeus [2]-0 Aris .
38': Goal! G. Masouras scores — Olympiakos Piraeus [3]-0 Aris .
45'+2': Substitution for Aris: Hugo Sousa in, G. Delizisis out.
46': Substitution for Aris: D. Mancini in, I. Fetfatzidis out.
52': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis in, M. Valbuena out.
52': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Cafú in, A. Bouchalakis out.
53': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, Y. El-Arabi out.
54': Yellow card shown to Fran Vélez ( Aris).
64': Goal! B. Ideye scores — Olympiakos Piraeus 3-[1] Aris .
72': Yellow card shown to P. Cissé ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
76': Substitution for Aris: M. Tonso in, Bruno Gama out.
77': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: M. Lovera in, G. Masouras out.
77': Substitution for Aris: A. Ba in, D. Larsson out.
84': ❌ Missed penalty. K. Fortounis ( Olympiakos Piraeus) fails to convert.
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2020.06.07 20:32 threaddo Post-Match Thread: PAOK 0-1 Olympiakos Piraeus [Super League 1, Round 1]

FT: PAOK 0-1 Olympiakos Piraeus

PAOK Score Olympiakos Piraeus
0-[1] Y. El-Arabi 23'
Date: 7 June 2020 — 18:30 CEST, 12:30 EDT, 17:30 BST, 22:00 IST
League: Super League 1 (Round 1)
Venue: Stadio Toumbas (Thessaloníki)
Referee: A. Papapetrou


PAOK Notes Olympiakos Piraeus Notes
Manager: Abel Ferreira Manager: Pedro Martins
31 A. Paschalakis 1 José Sá YC 90'+3'
3 Léo Matos SUB 73' 14 O. Elabdellaoui
5 Fernando Varela YC 48' 3 Rúben Semedo
6 E. Mihaj 21 K. Tsimikas YC 66'
21 D. Biseswar SUB 67' 24 O. Ba SUB 75'
20 Vieirinha 28 M. Valbuena A 23'; SUB 83'
7 O. El Kaddouri SUB 68' 8 Guilherme
8 Maurício SUB 74' 5 A. Bouchalakis
27 J. Mišić 19 G. Masouras SUB 72'
47 C. Akpom SUB 74' 4 M. Camara SUB 84'
18 D. Limnios 11 Y. El-Arabi G 23'; SUB 84'


PAOK: D. Pelkas (SUB 67'), K. Świderski (SUB 68'), Rodrigo Alves (SUB 73'), A. Esiti (SUB 74'), C. Tzolis (SUB 74'), L. Lamprou, M. Stoch, Ž. Živković, I. Michailidis
Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović (SUB 72'; YC 77'), P. Cissé (SUB 75'), K. Fortounis (SUB 83'), Koka (SUB 84'), Bruno Gaspar (SUB 84'; YC 90'+6'), B. Allain, A. Papadopoulos, M. Lovera, Cafú


23': Goal! Y. El-Arabi scores [M. Valbuena assist] — PAOK 0-[1] Olympiakos Piraeus .
48': Yellow card shown to Fernando Varela ( PAOK).
66': Yellow card shown to K. Tsimikas ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
67': Substitution for PAOK: D. Pelkas in, D. Biseswar out.
68': Substitution for PAOK: K. Świderski in, O. El Kaddouri out.
72': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: L. Ranđelović in, G. Masouras out.
73': Substitution for PAOK: Rodrigo Alves in, Léo Matos out.
74': Substitution for PAOK: A. Esiti in, Maurício out.
74': Substitution for PAOK: C. Tzolis in, C. Akpom out.
75': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: P. Cissé in, O. Ba out.
77': Yellow card shown to L. Ranđelović ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
83': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: K. Fortounis in, M. Valbuena out.
84': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Koka in, Y. El-Arabi out.
84': Substitution for Olympiakos Piraeus: Bruno Gaspar in, M. Camara out.
90'+3': Yellow card shown to José Sá ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
90'+6': Yellow card shown to Bruno Gaspar ( Olympiakos Piraeus).
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2020.06.04 02:05 invah Wiki

What is abuse?
"If people can't control their own emotions then they have to start trying to control other people's behaviour." - Robin Skynner; John Cleese
"When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you..." - Jill Blakeway
"How to not abuse someone. 'Don't hit them' would be mentioned but wouldn't be the focus. The focus would be on 'don't try to control them.'" - Holly, The Pervocracy
"You don't know how to love people. You only know how to own them. And because people will never act just like you want them to, Mother, you'll always feel'll always feel cheated. But you're the cheat, Mother. You're the one who uses our love for you to try and control us." - Orson Scott Card, Xenocide
"I think too much emphasis is put on love in general. I’ve heard of many atrocities done within families in the name of love but never in the name of respect." - Elvira G. Aletta
Characteristics of abuse and abusive relationships
"The most insidious aspect of living with an angry or abusive partner is not the obvious—nervous reactions to shouting, name-calling, criticism or other demeaning behavior. It's the adaptations you make to try to prevent those episodes." - Steven Stosny
Couples therapy makes things worse for victims of abuse
If violence has been, and especially if it currently still is an issue in your relationship, then Couple Counselling is not recommended. Nor is Mediation if you are going through separation or divorce. Basically the abuse itself has to be dealt with BEFORE any form of joint counselling or mediation can be effective, and in the meantime can, at best, deflect from the actual problem and fudge responsibility issues. (source)
Emotional Regulation
Sense of Self
Coping Mechanisms: Adaptive and Maladaptive
Victim Responses
"I thought we had a communication problem. It turns out, we had a respect problem." - SunflowerRenaissance, comment
The healing/recovery process
Healthy relationships
The Toxicity of Neo-Enlightenment Thinking
Communicating your experience to a potentially skeptical audience
Reddit: on relationships and partners
Reddit: on parenting
Reddit: on emotional states
Reddit: on paradigms
Reddit: on argument
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2020.05.25 01:17 FaustianRubix RE: Conversations from my inbox. Garbotalk suggests dangerous COVID advice because "Reptiliandude told her so."

You can find the clusterfuck here:
Unsurprisingly, it is Garble Garbo at her usual brand of stupid. But while most of it is stuff I already have covered and don't feel like rehashing yet again. (And we all know I look forward to another visit from Soulja apparently covering for RD now to justify his own shit..) I have been dealing with Coronavirus myself, day 31 now. It kind of pisses me off that RD and Garbo both take advantage of a pandemic to try and rope people in through more fear-mongering. (Amazingly, Soulja is silent about this, preferring to be an ass through multiple alts because his ego was scratched. Amazing, the priorities of that one.)
So, Day 31 with this and I've been living it, due to my roomies not taking it seriously and treating it like it's a joke. As a result, they brought it in, and I caught it. Not fun. Not fun at all.
Moving along. The first thing we can tell from most of these is that it is Garbo effectively fanfictioning. Look at her writing style and you can tell much of this is her, just talking to herself. And yes, we know by now that they use alts, which in typical inconsistent fashion they later claimed they didn't. But some of these just show a level of mental issues that really needs pointing out, and then there's stuff with Coronavirus that needs to be addressed to. There really is no excuse to fall for this shit at this point, especially after the amount of freakouts and so on.
For starters, just to briefly touch a few things: 1) The Kayeen do not exist. They are a ripoff of the aliens from the movie Jupiter Rising, and a badly plagiarized version. Given what was stated about their tech and behaviors, they would be more ineffective than a political session in Congress. Given the so called genetic details, they would have died many, many times over centuries ago. 2) RD is prone to little freakouts whenever he doesn't get his way or gets challenged in a way that he can't handle or worm his way out of. He is a case study of Narcissist Personality Disorder, and before you go waving the armchair psychology shit...I had two narc parents, and I recommend the book "Prepare to Be Tortured: The price you pay for dating a narcissist." A lot of the interactions RD and Soulja pull can be found in that book, including the snide, childish remarks. There are survivors forums full of people that compare notes and the same behaviors..including projecting their BS on people that call them out. 3) The Naigaje as they are called also do not exist. Garbo has tried to make it seem like they exist across social media, only to fail more and more outlandishly each time. Their civilization would have been wiped out, their customs don't make sense, and they don't seem to understand their own tech as their claimed starships. 4) RD's last freakout outright stated the real audit was to see how much they could lie to us and get away with it. Which is not only characteristic of a narcissist, who will frequently test what they can do and get away with...but spells out in no uncertain terms that everything he says has been a lie. Garbo knows this, but she enjoys the attention. She knows and is in on it, but she's pretty well been discarded since given the last few posts.

level 1garbotalk1 point·7 hours ago
Q. Where is Reptiliandude? Do you still communicate with him? Will he be back here?
A. RD is busy sharing this information with people of other languages in other lands. I still talk to him very often, though not every day as before. He is Quetzlecoatl to the Latinos, Dragon to the Chinese, Garuda to the Indonesian, and so on. If English speaking people won't answer the beacon, perhaps those from another place will.
It is too important for humanity to answer the beacon before it is too late for us. As cantankerous and confrontational as RD can be in trying to motivate us, his methods are effective at waking people up. If the U.S. won't lead humanity to the next step in our evolution, maybe the Chinese will. Whoever answers the beacon becomes the defacto representatives for humanity to the Assembly. While I would like it to be my own nation, it is more important to learn to speak in real time quickly, whoever is willing to do it first.
Give AwardShareReportSave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay. So. First off, huge cult markers here. "Oh, I'm not trying to start a cult!" Now we have "He's a god here and here and here.." This is a manipulator's tactics trying to get the reader to see them as a deity figure with important knowledge. It is a cult manipulation tactic. In this case, Garbo pulls things like this to get in his favor. Why? He discarded her like the cheap trash she is.

Especially if you pay attention to his last few admonishments. When did he poof off? After he had made threats that all his stuff would disappear and someone pointed out that the wayback archives will simply pop up the post so his threats were hot air and bullshit. So the huffy little child had a narcissist fit and poofed other than the occasional pop up to make more vague bullshit. Oh, and I love that after Garbo's whole thing with Hong Kong..and now the Coronavirus...that suddenly "maybe China will be the next defacto representative of humanity!' At that point, how is Garbo not a freaking joke to her own community? Inconsistency after inconsistency, all they do is normalize an abusive relationship.

level 1garbotalk1 point·3 hours ago
Q. Are the Kayeen the same type of aliens as alot of people refer to as the Pleiadians?
A. Yes, but they are not actually Pleiadians. That is a lie. The Kayeen hide their home planet. They have many planets that they've taken over. They pretend to seek peace and encourage us to give up our weapons, but that is a ruse. They don't want resistance and seek to disarm us, then overwrite us en mass.
Give AwardShareReportSave
So, first we are to believe that the Kayeen have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the world and basically run it. Now they want to disarm and overwrite...what they would according to Garbo already control because reasons and economy that not only can they not explain, but have refused to in any sort of way that makes sense.
Never ask them to prove anything or you are suddenly a hater, troll, or evil alien Kayeen employee. Anyone is a Kayeen or evil alien employee simply because Garbo said so..and said that RD confirmed it. If you actually read the bullshit she posts in past posts it boils down to "I can tell you this person is a Kayeen and RD confirmed it!!" Just that. No real evidence or proof to ever back up these claims, and the person is usually a high profile figure. Garbo and RD are just that lazy.

And of course, they try to hijack Pleiadians into their narrative. Pleiadians was nothing more than a bullshit narrative conjured up in the alien doomsday/new age cults of the 60s and 70s, and briefly near the early 2000s to fit in with the Indigo Child/Starseed new age cult movement which wound up pretty much the same as its predecessors. See point 1 above. Point 4 will probably apply to every post and comment that Garbo makes without fail.

garbotalk1 point·3 hours ago
Q. How close do you think we are to using particle entanglement to speak?
A. Pretty close. That's why they're beginning to panic and push their agenda as quickly as possible. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, in a prior post, if they wanted to really fuck things up, all these evil aliens would have to do is have their own representative make the connection and then hand over sovereignty. You know, kind of like Hong Kong is doing right now with China...which Garbo still doesn't mention but can't make up her mind whether or not China is someone they hate or support. (With RD supporting and being fond of China quite a bit on numerous post occasions. He loves to sing their praises, making their whole thing with China one more to the list of inconsistencies.)
To add to that, their version of quantum entanglement doesn't make any sense, has been picked apart by actual scientists that commented before being accused of being evil aliens or traitors to humanity..and comes from people that not only heavily use mind-altering drugs but suggest that their fellows do the same. The same mind-altering drugs that can make people more susceptible to manipulation by others.

level 1garbotalk1 point·14 hours ago
Q. Does that mean dark powers will have complete jurisdiction over humanity and the affairs of Earth until God intervenes again?
A. Complete? No. We are an unruly bunch who are unpredictable and multiply quickly. We are DIFFICULT to manage. They would prefer a centralized authority beholden to them who they could direct to do their bidding. That's what the "New World Order" was supposed to be all about. Instead, they have many nations doing their own thing with leaders who die or are voted out/overthrown pretty often.
Even the "good" aliens who are trying to help us struggle to inspire us. We refuse to believe they are benevolent, as we accuse them of killing babies for pleasure, or we hold our hands out for free technology, or we beg them to save us while refusing to save ourselves.
Nobody knows what will happen, and if anyone says they know for sure, they are lying to you. Only God knows how this will play out because time is irrelevant to Him.
What I can tell you is the plans I have heard about, their Consortium intentions. How we respond will determine how successful they are. So far, their conditioning us using propaganda, spreading contagions to cull us and hiring sociopaths to do their bidding while ruling over us is working out for them. We need to resist!
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2BornAgainLookout1 point·11 hours ago
Thank you for this information . May I ask where does the rapture or "in a moment, twinkling of the eye" comes in?
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 3garbotalk1 point·7 hours ago·edited 7 hours ago
There is not going to be a rapture of the chosen away from the pain of tribulation, unfortunately. This is something the Christian community has been misled about. While there will be two men on a hill, the one taken will be the one punished for taking the mark and swept away, not the one who was righteous. The changes to us we receive will happen after all the pain of this Earth is over and done with, after the tribulation, after the war, and after the return of the Savior. We who remained steadfast, the chosen, will be rewarded.
Give AwardShareReportSave
So, suddenly Garbo is trying to rewrite Christian doctrine to suit her own devices again. In the past, she tried to claim the demonic locusts of Revelations were actually the good guys, on our side, and volunteered despite the passage claiming they are given power to torment and harm, etc.
You know, despite it saying in no uncertain terms they are not good beings. Of course, she also tried to appropriate the story of Achilles into her BS as well. Ah, the stupid it burns. But going on a bit further, also bear in mind that she claims God is a space alien Assembly which when you break down everything they've about as vile as they come and also in no way any kind of the good guys. But according to her, they'll come in and take away all our pain, heal all of our woes and make online shopping amazing but only if you sing their praises first. (I added that last one for flavor to give you an idea of hello, this is a marketing pitch for bullshit.)
Remember every story and movie about what happens when a "benevolent force" offers and claims the same? I do, because it's pretty much the precursor period for most intelligent alien invasion movies where a resistance has to fight back. Of course, back to point 1 where plagiarism is kind of their thing anyway, and like most narcs, they're shameless about it. Everything from their personality to the crap that comes out of their mouth is just more bullshit, marketed to rope you in for attention or some form of gain later.
Keep in mind also that in past conversations with supposedly alien accounts on Reddit (which, of course are poorly written alt accounts themselves), one minute she is kissing their asses, the next minute she is telling them off for being just as bad. Now here she is sucking up again. Inconsistency, thy name is u/garbotalk ...

level 1garbotalk3 points·15 hours ago·edited 13 minutes ago
Q. What is the significance of the Genesis creation story? Does it only apply to our planet?
A. God loves all of His children, wherever they live in His universe. At some point in development, they learn to recognize their own reflection, then learn to communicate. It is at this point that God reveals Himself and the story of these beings begins.
The creation story for every civilization has similar beginnings. God separated light from darkness and the waters from the land. He created the heavens and the plants and animals. Then He created the sentient beings who were given dominion over that world. A tree with fruit bearing the knowledge of good and evil is in the center of a garden.
What changes is the reactions of the male and female to their temptation, for how can there be free will without choices between good and evil?
On Earth, Eve is tempted by a serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit, so she does so and shares it with Adam who also chooses to eat it.
The Devorah obediently refused to taste the fruit, but picked it and offered it to the other animals in the garden who became wise. These other animals begged God to let the Devorah eat it too, and so He relented, because of their obedience and generosity.
The Ba'alaket didn't like being tempted by a monkey in a tree they couldn't eat from, so they tried to kill the tree! God had to stop them.
The Naigaje male named the animals, and the female named the plants. She learned to use the plants for foods and medicine, and experimented on her husband! They were tempted to eat of the tree by a monkey too.
I don't know all the details of these stories from other worlds, but I know these aliens cherish them as we do. They reveal in metaphor the traits of these beings and point to a loving Father who provides, even for those who are imperfect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Oh here we go again. Garbo is no stranger to trying to rewrite Christian doctrine. It's also no stranger to people trying to establish cults loving to twist Christian religion. I don't know what it is about Christianity that cult leaders love to use and pervert their stuff..but here we are again. Now with Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly, this also reads like more fanfiction.
And what a surprise, it involves each "species" with their own separate fanfiction, each in their own what if scenarios. Oh, and God loves all of HIS children, but god is an Assembly that requires very unusual things to occur before they can actually communicate and recognize that you have sentient expression, thus reducing you to less than herd animal or ground moss levels.

Remember what I said about contradictions? Yeah, there's a lot of them. And this is just one post!

Q. Wow that sounds so intriguing. When you say that they are able to influence thought and manipulate memories, were you aware that they were doing this to you before or during your encounters with them? And if so (or not), are you aware of any means to detect or resist such influence?
As someone who has been interested in other intelligent life for as long as I can remember, I feel as if asking you about some of your experiences is a valuable resource in an effort to develop better understanding about the other intelligent inhabitants of our universe.
Also, as an aside, do you feel as if your contact has offered you any protection from malicious intent on behalf of those you have met? Or would that be the wrong phrasing? If the emergent behaviors among our own are any reference for how other intelligent species may conduct themselves, the empathy of individuals do not always seem constrained by the rigor of the institutions they represent. Was there ever an air of hostility in your interactions, or were they mutual, if not benevolent meetings?
A. I have had very vivid, specific dreams with information given to me by specific aliens. I'd run them by RD, and he'd confirm which were intentional. We speak often, sometimes daily. I have described several of them on the Reptiliandude forum. RD made me delete ones that would get me in trouble.
The Ba'alaket think I'm weak and want me to be more careful. They call me a name that means " bubble over thorns". The Kayeen bribe or intimidate. The Devorah inspire. The Naigaje guard me.
I have been chased by Siriv and they've interceded. RD has diplomatic immunity for his efforts here, as do I, apparently, but the Kayeen are devious and send their Siriv at times.
The Ba'alaket trick or treated appearing as teen girls to get near me, but didn't speak, nor act like any teens I know. They've knocked on tables when I was at dinner, but were invisible. They've warned me of danger approaching. They've paid for meals at dinner with my family many times.
With their tech, they can look like anyone or anything, or be invisible. Sometimes they'll let down their defenses so I see a shimmer and a bit of them, but not often.
One time a Naigaje approached me when I was about to enter a restaurant. He looked like a tall man. I was singing with the music playing and he sang with me. We chatted briefly about our love of Lionel Richie and Billy Joel and I went in. I had no idea who he was. My husband approached after parking the car and saw the exchange. He said the man jumped over the hedge in one leap and disappeared in the bushes. RD later confirmed it was a Naigaje.
One time RD told me the Ba'alaket were gorgeous. Then I drove to Chick fil A. The teen girl at the window called me gorgeous three times. It was odd. Hello gorgeous. What do you want gorgeous. Here's your change, gorgeous. I left shivering. Asked RD, and he said the Ba'alaket wanted to show me what they could do. They picked out of my head where I wanted to go. Went through the dimensions to beat me there. Influenced this teen to call me gorgeous over and over. It was a playful reveal.
I know this stuff sounds strange, which is why I don't post about it much. But that and many more things have happened to me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last one. And wow..what a doozy this one is. This is a lesson in what to look for when people are drunk off their own bullshit and hyping themselves up to believe something.
First, she would have dreams with specific information, which she would immediately run by a narcissistic predator. They became "true" because he verified them as "true." No other reasoning. RD said so, so this became the new reality. This is a pattern of behavior that has been present in everything Garbo has ever said, and every post ever made. "Well, RD said.." ...and in the case of the other little cultists flocking to their stupidity..."Well, RD and Garbo said.." Same bullshit.
Then they speak daily, and RD made her delete ones which would seem problematic. Mind you, not problematic for her because he has never once cared when she makes herself look like an ass. He only ever cares when it makes him look bad, then forces her to delete it (or as evidenced by prior posts goes in and deletes it himself. Sometimes he blames this on other aliens, but its always him.) A narcissist maintaining and enforcing control over a subject he is abusing. This will be frequent during the course of any kind of relationship whether it is romantic, just friends, or even just acquaintances. The irony here is that while they like to act like the one who loses control first engaging in this behavior...they have already lost. Being insecure as they are, they have to childishly lash out in the hopes that no one else figures it out. If it is figured out, they have to punish anyone deemed responsible whether they are for you or against. They have to tantrum about how you "don't know what you're talking about"...Narcs can't handle being caught, and they always need a large audience to hide behind and kiss their ass. They're cowards by nature and trade, and without a large following...they are and will always be nothing. (Without you, the abuser cannot abuse.)

Keep this in mind. Narcs are incapable of friendship or loving anyone. Even if you are on their "side", you're not. It's only a matter of time, and how bad the blow out will be...and if you see how they treat others they have any amount of disdain for eventually that will be you with ZERO exceptions whatsoever.
But back to the topic at hand, we look and suddenly a strange man is now an alien because RD said so. RD said aliens were gorgeous, and now certain women had to be dimension-hopping aliens..and wait...influencing a teen to call her gorgeous over and over again. (Uh-huh. That seems to insinuate something else there, Garbo.) Now it's "aliens made them do it"...which is another usual in Garbo's posts..which are also laden with really odd sexual leanings and obsessions on her part. O-kay then. (And they just so happen to be trying to get your 'attention' by popping up as teen girls calling you gorgeous...frequently? Really? This sounds like an FBI investigation or Chris Hansen special waiting to happen...I don't think Garbo is bright enough to realize what she is revealing about herself here. o_o )
So suddenly she's hyped up on her own bullshit and now someone calling her gorgeous is part of an alien conspiracy because some rando on the internet told her so. IF ANYONE told you this went down, I would hope you would tell them to get the fuck away from the dude pulling this, because there's no part of that that isn't shifty or cultish or just fucked up. What's even more fucked up is that she bought into it and is truly a deluded nutcase hook, line and sinker.
Garbo is a fraud and a lunatic that sees aliens wherever she goes because she was wrapped around the finger of a Narcissist fraud with abusive tendencies. This was then projected over a couple of years onto their "community" to further RD's control and the amount of people he could sucker. It was all for the sake of a power trip and attention.
They always tell you what they are, and what they are about. Do not be fooled.

OH, wait. I forgot one. There's one on covid stuff.

level 1garbotalk1 point·6 hours ago
Q. Hey Garbo, was just wondering if you have any insight into what the human diet is supposed to be? I've read things that high carb diets amplify the coronavirus. I can't imagine that is coincidence since sugar and carbs are promoted to us daily. Any insight on that?
A. RD suggested that fasting would help our bodies to prepare to fight the virus. He also pushed meats, veggies, fruits, less breads.
Give AwardShareReportSave ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OKAY. THIS IS BULLSHIT. DO NOT FAST. I repeat: DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST.
That is DANGEROUS advice that will worsen your chances if you don't have it, and make things VERY bad for you if you do have it. This thing mentally and physically beats you up. I know because again, hello at day 31 of this fucking thing. There are people I know on day 73 onwards. That is BULLSHIT. This is the shit that pisses me off. Taking advantage of people's fears is one thing, promoting dangerous bullshit advice that could worsen things for them is very, very much another. (And it's also why I decided to post all of this, in case you happen to be curious.)
There are resources online and Reddit, some of them actually from people with COVID sharing their diets, routines, and so on. THOSE are INFINITELY more credible than ANY bullshit that comes off the InsurrectionEarth forums, or from the posts of those that frequently kiss Garbo and RD's ass.
From PERSONAL experience: Meditating breathing exercises for the shortness of breath. (Appropriate acronym SOB, that..) ...Vitamins A, B12, C, D, and in moderate doses potassium. Throw in some salmon for Omega 3 and magnesium as Potassium if overdone can sap and create a magnesium deficiency. Breads and high carbs mean very little to this just simply mutates and adapts way too damn fast. (One minute you will feel fine, the next it hits like a mack truck. Some had it lull for a week or a month then come back full force. Others with similar symptoms to mine have worsened in 6 - 12 hours, and a couple have even died.) Lay off junk food and sweets, except for dark chocolate which is surprisingly helpful. If you have the urge for sweets...go with a smoothie. You'll be glad you did.
On the note of activity, muscle pain is a real bastard. You have no idea. At some points it will hurt to even move..or moving around a bit too much can make you black out. Try small movements, but you absolutely have to rest and take it easy. A jogger with covid compared this to a cellular car crash..and he's right. These things will not cure the virus or prevent it. But they will help up your chances with it in the event you get it, or the chances that your body can fight it off before it sticks. People that I know and have spoken with have had a much easier time with the above. DO NOT FOLLOW GARBO OR RD's ADVICE. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, JUST THE POWER TRIP YOU PROVIDE DEFENDING OR BUYING INTO THEIR BULLSHIT.
Oh, and a special fuck you to the idiots that act like its no worse than the flu. The flu doesn't cause blood clots or strokes or hit kids like it has. It isn't nearly like this. It might be surviveable, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't put you through a lot of hell. It hits like siege warfare on your mind and your body.
On that note, it is ALSO not the fault of evil space aliens. Fucked up humans did fucked up things, and fucked up humans then did more fucked up things that allowed it to get way more out of hand then it has ever needed to be.
Okay, NOW I'm done. I had to get it off my chest like this godawful cough. I hope, whoever and wherever you are, that you stay safe and you and your families COVID free. For me, its back to higher priorities and hopefully kicking this thing to the curb.
If you read this at any point and you follow Reptiliandude, Garbotalk, or any of their bullshit, I seriously and strongly suggest you wake the hell up and get your head out of your ass. Do not promote or support abusive relationships. Do not excuse them..the excuse you make for the abuser today is the one they're making to justify them abusing you tomorrow. Remember that. There are no exceptions.
For further reading, I also recommend: Healing the Children of Narcissists (Essays on the Invisible War Zone.) by Shahida Arabi. People that have gone through it, and ways to get past it. You'll note a lot of the same behaviors listed there are present from the Narcs I have spoken about prior and in this post. Research it. Study up, and never allow or fall for it again.
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